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Redskins Blog: On the Field for Practice 10/15


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Bubba posted this in the Breaking News Forum:


I am surprised. I felt Alexander would just kinds do some walk-throughs today, but he was out there playing.

Interesting comments from Zorn about Alexander near the end though.

Think he is trying to push Shaun a little by hitting him in the ego? :)

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I think the Plackemeier signing could be enormous. Brooks was essentially completely useless, and we were still pulling the wins out. If we've got a punter who can simply consistently punt the ball an average distance, it greatly improves our chances. Especially with the way the defense has been playing.

Hopefully his size mirrors his punting distance.

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Do you mean that in a good way....

Plus wouldnt Kelly (if healthy) resemble more of Edwards and Burress. Thomas is almost a replica of Anquan Boldin with more speed.

Boldin is a good comparison actually.

It just seems like Devin has the ability to deliver that backbreaker deep ball that changes a game. (Similar to what he had called back against Arizona)

Patience is key. I have a feeling he will break out soon.

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