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The official ES- DJIA Prediction Pool Thread (Winner:Zoony)

MikeInJc aka M.I.A.

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To go along with the of other pools, especially the gas pool several months ago, I think it would be appropriate to start a Dow Jones Prediction Pool, since the for the past month people have been gives us hour by hour play calling on the rapid fluctuation known as Wall Street.

Rules are simple:

1. One guess per ES member.

2. Deadline for entry will be the end opf next week (24 October 2008)

3. On COB 02 January 2009 the ES member who is the closest will be labeled the ES Economist or just a Lucky ******* :silly:


MIA: 9743

FanboyOf91: 9287.5

Mark the Homer: 8934.73

Heidenreich: 8374

Phoward12: 8905.46

GibbsFactor: 8532

SkinsHokieFan: 10,550

skinsfan 1215: 7183

Monte51Coleman: 7711

Toe Jam: 2121

buenosdiaz: 8580.11

SC Redskinsfan: 11753

Zoony: 9000

Rumrunner6900: 9800

DjTj: 8765.43

Fergasun: 6700

IONTOP: 9456.83


Corcaigh: 9810.65

CrabR: 10047

gbear: 7018

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