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WP: Ambushed by History


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I'm absolutely disgusted right now by the GOP and how they've behaved over the last few years. And I have equally little respect for supporters of the Democrats who have been just as embarrassing.

The one thing I've learned this year is that wisdom is overshadowed by populist movements. I've found peace with this epiphany and blame myself for not being more aware of the very cliquey behavior of my fellow citizen.

Majority rules, even if the majority is completely wrong. Obama is a good candidate. I'm half tempted to vote for him. However, since he's part of this two party system I could never forgive my self for giving in. The fact that so many here accept the game that is played and don't challenge the rules is a testament to how wise mankind is at the moment.

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Henry, I did read the article. Read the entire thing. I didn't care for it for the reasons I've already given.

Please don't take offense at my rambunctious rantings. I'm mostly just trying to entertain myself between the haze of pharmaceutical injections. You shouldn't attribute them to any type of conspiratorial ambitions or malevolent aspirations.

Fair enough. Pass 'em over. :)

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