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The most "did that just happen" moments you have ever seen!


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Entertaining idea on the Sports Reporters today. I caught the very end of it. In light of Kendall's major gaffe, the SR's were going over some of the most famous unbelievable/wacky/depressing moments in football, Redskins related and not. I couldn't get through on the phone so I thought I'd share mine with you guys! And please feel free to add yours. Trust me, it will take some of the Pete Kendall-related pain away....

Skins related: 2000 - vs Cardinals S. Davis fumbles football into the endzone only to have Aeneas Williams grab it and return in 100+ yds for a touchdown.

Two words: Michael Westbrook......one more word: helmet!

Again in 2000, Saumari Rolle, ugh.....

But also, blocked punt, S. Taylor picks it up, good return, facemask, 1 untimed down and a field goal to beat brokeback in 2006!!!!

Non Skins: Bettis fumbling at the goal line vs Colts, Ben saves a touchdown the other way and the Colts kicker misses the field goal anyway?!?!

Plax (while w/ steelers) spiking the ball after a catch w/o being touched then the opponent picking up the FUMBLE!!!

McNabb avoiding the sack for like 30 seconds then completing a pass downfield to FredEx. Was againts brokeback I think, so it was awesome.

I've been a fan since the '90s. Many of you go much further back, so please...have at it.....

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