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How to Heal "Heroes" 10 recommendations for jump-starting creatively sagging series


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Thought this might be of interest to all of us "Heroes" fans:


How to Heal "Heroes"

10 recommendations for jump-starting the creatively sagging series

By Raoul Mowatt

MSN TV blogger

Apparently the most recent episode of "Heroes," in addition to the whole season, has left a bad taste in a lot of critics' mouths.

Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune is kissing the series goodbye. And she's listed a number of other writers who are frustrated with the show.

I agree with the notion that the alternate futures seem more interesting than the real present, and the latest trip to one of them is probably a trip too many. Creator Tim Kring & Co. should do something about that.

In fact, there's probably a lot of things that they should look to do to make the series better. I was willing to cut them some slack before, either because they were a freshman show coming out of nowhere to be a sensation, or because they had a writers' strike looming. I still think the show's one of the most interesting on TV. But I do feel like there's too many plot holes and loose ends, and yes, questions that remain unanswered.

So here's my list of top 10 things I would do if I had the superpower to make Tim Kring and NBC do my bidding. In no particular order:

1. Neuter Hiro, Sylar and Peter

Realistically, there's not much that these characters can't do. Which opens up a question any time one of them is on-screen. For instance, in the Oct. 6 episode, it makes little sense that Peter and Sylar had trouble with a strong guy, a speedster and a woman who can regenerate. Peter can stop time. Sylar can use telekinesis to hold them all in place. They could teleport out of the area.

Similarly, any mistake Hiro makes could hypothetically be fixed by going back in time.

Now that Sylar has Claire's power, he is, according to the show, unkillable.

Where's the fun in seeing those kinds of characters interact? Which brings me to:

2. Develop Characters and Play to Actors' Strengths

One of the strengths of the show as originally conceived was that it was as much about the individuals as it was about them having cool powers. Yet somewhere along the line, that's gone by the wayside some.

There haven't been many scenes this season, for example, with Nathan and any members of his actual family. Somewhere amid all this action, it would be nice if Nathan and Angela or Peter got together and discussed all of what they've been through. Just take Nathan: "I learned I can fly. I almost signed on to a plot that would leave New York City a smoking crater. I almost died. I miraculously healed. I lost my family. I gave up my life's ambition to be a representative. I almost died again. I got miraculously healed again. I miraculously got appointed to the Senate. I'm talking to the version of Linderman that apparently no one else can see. And now I've found someone who's an identical twin of a woman I've had a fling with."

By contrast, I'm sorry, but Hayden Panettiere can't play a tough, embittered girl to save her life.

****Click on the link at the top for full article****

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I didnt read the whole article, but here is what i would do.

1. More hot chicks wearing less. Hayden is 18 right? :paranoid:

Ali Larter doesnt count.

2. Stop moving back and forth through time. The show is moving in 1000 different directions, but not GETTING anywhere.

3. Get Peter to stop talking through 1 side of his mouth.

4. KILL off an important character every once in awhile. I suggest Ali Larters character, Suresh (violently), or Ando.

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For the most part this is spot on. I found myself wondering the same thing she did in point #1. Some of the things the characters do just doesn't make any sense given their specific powers. Also, she's right about the season-long arcs.

However, not having the time for graphic novels and such these days, I didn't know Heroes was patterned on them.

The show is still worth watching but it could get tedious and silly if they don't fix some of these issues.

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Yeah there are a lot of plot lines currently, but it will start to tie together shortly. Personally, I think all tv/movie critics are idiots. This is a show about people with superpowers. Sometimes that means that character development won't go as far as people would like. Also, I think at some point they will start killing off some main characters. Give it time, the show hasn't even been on for a full two seasons since last year was cut way short.

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Holy crap, that was the best, most insightful thing I've ever read about this show and I completely agree with all of it. (Although I would go farther and say they should abandon the time travel motif altogether and stick in one place)

This show is really falling off the tracks at the time when the competition (Sarah Connor Chronicles, Fringe, etc) is just hitting their stride. They are perilously close to ruining things.

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