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Dow up nearly 1,000 points +11.42% @ close Monday- CNN reports "Biggest Runup Ever"

Mark The Homer

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up about 500 right now there are a lot of good buys right now for fund managers

what the media forgets to mention yes the financial market is hurting but many other markets are doing very well, there are a lot of very good companies that are in no danger where their stock prices are extremely low, day traders are loving this right now

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You remember that scene in the movie "Titanic" where the ship has broken in half and is capsizing and is completely vertical?

That is where the market is at right now. We'll see some gains for a few weeks, then caput, it'll sink quite fast

I think we'll see a lot of volatility. Big swings in both directions, with the net remaining relatively flat for the next 3-6 months.

Then I expect 1-2 years of minimal gains before things really get on track.

Just my uneducated opinion of course, based mostly on history. :)

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Dow closes 9416, up 965, +11.42%

Nasdaq closes 1844, up 195, +11.81%

S & P closes 1006, up 107, +11.86%

Ahh, price adjustments after the close...

Dow actually closed at 9388. Up 936 on the day. But I swear I saw it at +975 just a few secs before the close.

S & P closed at 1003, up 104

Hey, I'll take it. At least the hemmoraging is somewhat abated.

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the entire world is going into a recession, banks are getting nationalized

this isn't just psychological

correct but not forever, remember once things get back on track the governments will be selling off their investment

this is completely psychological the market just had its largest day ever, which is a result from all the nations getting together to address the financial issue, we just got back in one day half of what we lost in what 2 weeks, that is very positive

i would say after the election the market might be more consistent on a daily basis as long as the new leader is making an effort to fix the economy

remember this is all about the credit market right now, many companies are doing fine right now becaues they do not depend on loans to make it, the way a smart business should operate

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