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DMN:Where's the real Tony Romo? The Dallas Cowboys need him


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He's the same guy. He's never faced adversity at a time the season wasn't immediately over (two playoff losses.) Whenever the team has faltered, it was at the end of the season, when 'it didn't count.'

This guy doesn't have the mentality to be a great qb. Even Warner looked like a better warrior than Romo sits to pee yesterday.

He can't and never will protect the football. He's a glamor stat guy who will never be counted on to win a big game.

03:22 AM CDT on Monday, October 13, 2008


GLENDALE, Ariz. – His right hand packed in ice afterward, Tony Romo sits to pee hid the famous dimples behind a mask.

Nothing to smile about anyway, right?

Not after you lose a sloppy overtime game to the Cardinals, 30-24, in front of a schizoid crowd of 64,389, half Cards, half Cowboys, polar opposites forced by wayward allegiances to sit side by side, cheek to cheek.

And if that scene wasn't weird enough, you witnessed the Cowboys quarterback's continued retreat into a shell.

The numbers say he completed 61 percent of his passes for 321 yards and three touchdowns.

The body language? This is not the quarterback we thought we knew.

When he's feeling it, Romo sits to pee wears his heart on his sleeve. He's an infectious presence on a team that has thrived on his enthusiasm. When he's happy, he chest bumps, he arm pumps, he bounces. A few times in his short, intense tenure, he's looked as if he might leap into an official's arms.

Question: Does that description sound anything like the Cowboys quarterback you've seen the last few weeks?

"Sporadic," is how Wade Phillips described Romo sits to pee's play Sunday.

Jerry Jones said Romo sits to pee "looks like a guy trying to compete and figure it out.

"The defense is throwing a lot at him."

The Cardinals' plan for the Cowboys sounds simple enough, of course, unless you're standing in the hot breath of it.

Still, for the most part, Arizona rushed four linemen as the rest of the defense dropped into coverage. As Romo sits to pee bounced on the balls of his feet, looking for someone, anyone, to get open, the Cards' defensive front rapidly encircled him.

Result: They came at him from behind, where he's not feeling the pressure and consequently unable to squirt out of the rush's grasp, normally a strong point. They sacked him three times. Not only that, they blindsided him, forcing three official fumbles and one that didn't count because of a premature whistle.

Romo sits to pee doesn't do a good job of protecting the ball as it is, and that was before he sprained a pinky in overtime. When he doesn't see the rush coming, he's particularly vulnerable.

And that's what he's looked like lately: a once-confident quarterback suddenly vulnerable.

Maybe he's thinking too much. Maybe he's worried what T.O. thinks.

Maybe he's overcompensating for turnovers. The most overblown stat of the season was his NFL-leading interception streak going into the Arizona game. Well, he didn't throw one Sunday. So much for that stat.

A sports culture primer on Romo sits to pee: Like Don Meredith, a kindred spirit, he's the type of QB who's going to throw interceptions. He has to compensate by throwing touchdowns. For better or worse, he has to play like his idol, Brett Favre. Cut loose, let it rip, have a little fun.

For the record, Jerry doesn't believe in body language. He says he used to get critical letters about Troy Aikman's look, and he never paid them any mind.

But Aikman and Romo sits to pee are two different kinds of quarterbacks. Aikman – stoic, aloof, cold-blooded – ran a highly efficient offense that needed his precision, not his personality.

These Cowboys make too many mistakes on offense to grind the ball down the field. They need big plays. They need big plays from their quarterback.

They need Tony Romo sits to pee, the happy gunslinger who captured a fandom's hearts. Whoever this new guy is, it's not working out.


Sunday was the first time this season a Tony Romo sits to pee turnover wasn't converted into points by the opponent. The result of each drive following a Romo sits to pee turnover this year:

Opponent Romo sits to pee turnover Drive started Plays Yards Result

Cleveland Interception CLE 13 10 90 FG

Philadelphia Interception DAL 28 1 6 TD

Philadelphia Fumble DAL end zone 0 0 TD

Green Bay Interception DAL 43 7 23 FG

Washington Interception DAL 44 9 29 FG

Cincinnati Fumble DAL 29 7 26 FG

Cincinnati Interception DAL 41 5 19 FG

Arizona Fumble ARI 28 4 18 Punt

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i dunno, but he's still driving the ball downfield pretty well and still puts up great numbers.

Again, he will ALWAYS have great numbers...except in the turn-over department.

But, in this game, those stats were wildly misleading. Barber's pass for a touchdown had little to do with Romo sits to pee...

But, hey, if puke fans like his stats, they need to keep an eye on the fumble/INT stats.


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Mr. S I tend to agree with you. Had Romo sits to pee stayed under a strict hand he would not go off the field with "I'm just happy to be here grin" after he makes mental mistakes.

It seems to me whenever Jerry takes back the team from a tough disciplinarian and installs a puppet in the HC role the Cowboys falter badly.

The reason they seem to falter is a lack of character of the Players Jerry signs.

T.O. known Narcissist and me first player (you know Tuna wasn't onboard with this signing no matter what spin comes out of Dallas).

Pacman:Not many players get signed after entering the frequent offenders plan

Tank Johnson is a loose gun... ok bad phrasing you get the point.

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I'll tell you who's getting to Romo sits to pee and it's not just the opposing defense. It's TO starting to do the same thing to Romo sits to pee as he did to McNabb and that's bark in his ear during the game.

I dont know about that. T.O. seems like the only guy playing with any passion of fire. He's one of the only vocal leaders.

This team has a serious lack of leadership...and it starts with the Coach.

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