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Folks, we beat ourselves today. The Rams should feel lucky that we gave the game away with simple and preventable turnovers. We outplayed them all game, but we failed to protect the football. This is correctable.

Our offense and defense looked good for the most part of the day. All is not lost. I still think we're one of the best teams in the NFC, and unfortunately we let a weaker team beat us today.

But we need to stay tempered. Zorn did a nice job of not panicking today with the play call and he did get us back into a position to win this football game. The game should not have come down to Leigh Torrence's failed pass defense; but we allowed it to become that.

Good job to the Rams for sticking in there. We have work to do, but I'm confident this team is going to rebound quickly. 4-2 is hardly something to worry about, and there's a lot of football to be played yet this season.


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No, the rams outplayed us. Hence why they have a higher number on the scoreboard. They didnt commit 3 offensive turnovers. They didnt refuse to attack through the air. The rams have one of the worst secondaries in football and we didnt take one shot downfield. We were outplayed by a **** team, outcoached by a team who just fired theirs, and overall just embarassed on our own home field.

good teams don't play that way. Rememberf olks, cleveland is still quite a bit better than the rams, and we have them next. Ironic we can go to dallas and philly and get wins, and play down to the cellar dwellars of the league. They should be embarassed.

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