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Game 1 against the Giants=F

Game 2 against the Saints=B+(1st half was a D+ and 2nd half was an A+)

If we play like we did in the 2nd half the rest of the season with no bumps(record is 12-4 or better)

If we play like we did in the 1st half the rest of the season (7-9 or 8-8)

If we play like we did against the giants the rest of the season...2-14 Maybe...

I'm very happy,but I need good play against the cardinals to be more clear!

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Game 2

Offense: C+

Defense: B

Special Teams: D

Coaching: B+

BigMike, please explain why it is a C+.

To me that is assuming it was slightly above average. We had 455 yards total and a very balanced attack. The only reason I do not give it an A+ is because of the lack of TDs early.

But a C+? That makes no sense to me. At least have it as a B or B-

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I’ll do game two, for the reason of the above poster.

Offense – B Left a lot on the field in the first half. Couldn’t finish drives, constantly got down deep into Saint territory but settled for FGAs. Second half switched that up in a major way with 3 TD’s. Line blocked well for Portis, Moss was flying all over the field in the hot heat.

Defense – A- Bailed out the offense in the first half, by only allowing the saints 10 points, and 7 were because of a short field on a ST fumble. 3 turnovers, QB pressures constantly, great work.

Special Teams – D Randle El Fumble. Punt Return for a TD by Saints. Oh, and I really really really wanted to bring up all my posts on how we should keep Frost and not Brooks, but I’m sure I would have gotten some sort of Extremeskins Timeout chair for that or something. But yea, if Frost caught the game at all yet, he’s laughing his behind off at the coaching staff right now. Shizaam missed the first field go but did connect on the other 3 (I’ll leave the botched snap one out). He’s still gotta get better, but should be given the time. More inconsistency this year, he will have competition in the offseason.

Coaching – A- Great play calling all game long. What sold me was the throw on 4th – 2. that was a fantastic call by the OC, or whoever told it to Zorn.

Overall – B+ There were a few things I didn’t like, but they are still coachable, easy to fix. A Stupid penalty (Carlos early in the game with his stupid personal foul), not using Devin Thomas more on 3rd down and Red Zone attempts. I know he may not be ready, but a 6’2” threat is needed so if Campbell has to, maybe hit Thomas high instead of throwing the ball 8 yards short and hoping for a miracle. Besides that…maybe C-Po should call out the play calling/O-line more, because it was fantastic.

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Week 2

Offense = B If Jason Campbell can be consistent the Redskins will be fine this year. Campbell missed a few easy, sure shots that cost the Redskins in the redzone in the first half, but more often than not he was on the mark yesterday. Clinton Portis and the line looked good yesterday because the passing game finally opened up some running lanes for the Redskins premier back.

Defense= A- Looked tough and really would have given up 14 points less if not for the ARE turnover and a bad Brooks punt.

Special Teams= D- Atrocious, terrible and putrid on nearly all acounts. Brooks punts were line-drives and because of it they gave up a touchdown to the overrated Reggie Bush. Brooks also bobbled a snap to cost the Skins another 3 points. ARE fumbled and danced around putting up an average barely over 4 yards per punt return. The Redskins either need to mix it up on punt returners or replace him altogether. Rock looked tough and got the Redskins pretty good field position on returns and Suisham was killed on kickoffs sending back several touchbacks.

Coaching= B Zorn paid more attention to the clock and set up the run with the pass perfectly. However they need to work on burning timeouts because of miscommunication.

Overall= B They looked good, but they can improved and get better. If they improve upon this week offensively and more so on special teams and the defense stays stout the Redskins will be a force to be reckoned with. :cardsuck:


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