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Now I know that this isn't coming as a surprise to many of you,(since you have used it before starting any threads), but everyone's favorite ES feature is temporarily down. ;) Unsure for how much longer, (could be back up 2 minutes after I started this thread), but the folks behind the scenes are working on it. You know how these new places can be. Wiring, lights, wet paint, that kind of thing. :) In the meantime, here's the link to the google search engine, (yeah I know), to help you all out.

ES Google Search

Also, and I know this is a pain,but how about giving us a hand and go back a few pages and look for any threads that may be similar to the ones some of you may be contemplating starting. Thanks in advance

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It's no big deal to have the search function be down since it wasn't exactly the greatest beforehand. ;) For those of us who actually search, the google one has been more effective, as I'm sure you know.

To encourage others to use the google search that's linked in the op, I'll share that I used it yesterday to raise the thread of hilarious blache quotes. All I did was plug in blache + quote, and I had the link to the thread in seconds. So, folks, use the google search engine. It's easy and it works! That's my effort for the day to help out around here! :D

Take as much time as you need fixing ES' search function, and maybe this time it'll actually find things and in a reasonable time frame! Hey, I ask for a lot with the big bucks I pay to be a member here. OLS

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I thought that everyone used EXTREMESKINS Google search.

I typically do when I'm looking for info or a thread a particular topic, but I use the "Find all posts by..." feature often too. Like if I posted in a thread a couple days ago and I want to see what has happened in the thread since...I pull up my posts and go right to the one I'm looking for.

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PCS is like the anti-Midas.

Everything he touches......breaks. ;)

:rubeyes: Hey. Waitaminute now. Nobody told me that pressing those two buttons at the same time woul........


I have no idea what happened. I was never in aisle 7. ;)

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