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Poll: Who do we cheer for Monday Night?


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So, who do we cheer for Monday Night?

(Surprised I couldn't find this thread already. Apologies if I missed it.)

Me, I'm cheering for Philly.

It's a close thing, because, while I hate the Cowboys team, I hate the Philly fans. (And their team.)

However, I figure that McNabb will get injured, as usual, and the Eagles will disintegrate, as usual. Therefore, I consider Dallas to be The Bigger Threat (for now.)

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a tie... or a meteor to hit the stadium

OT: When Tom Clancey wrote Sum of All Fears, terrorists blew up a nuclear bomb at the Super Bowl. Clancey set the game in Denver, I think the teams were Denver and San Diego. Supposedly the San Diego team was owned by the SecDef.

One of my friends had a suggestion for how he thought the book should have been improved.

He wanted the game to be between Denver and Buffalo (or Minnesota). He wanted the announcers to be talking about how "These two teams are both famous for making it to the Super Bowl four times , each, and losing every single time. But after today, one of these teams is guaranteed to be a winner." (And the stadium gets vaporized.)

He wanted Clancey to say that no, these teams will never win a Super Bowl. Not even if they play each other.

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I'm rooting for a hard hitting, slobberknocker beat down of a game, where Philly and Dallas just beat the living snot out of each other. That's what I want to see. Who wins? Who cares. I'll vote for the Eagles because Dallas is Dallas, and I couldn't root for them unless there was some completely and totally direct way that it would benefit the 'Skins. It's too early for that. So I hope that the Eagles knock Romo sits to pee and TO out, and that Dallas knocks McNabb and Westbrook out.

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