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The Official "I'm Happy for Jason Campbell" Thread


Game Ball  

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  1. 1. Game Ball

    • Campbell (24/36, 321 yds, 1 TD)
    • Chris Horton (2 picks, 1 fumble recovery)
    • Santana Moss (7 receptions, 164 yds, game-winning 67-yd TD)
    • Clinton Portis (21 carries for 96 yds, 2 TDs)
    • The defense in general
    • None of the above/other (explain inside)

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I get so tired of all the blatant haters on this board sometimes.

Up until about a half hour ago it was nothing but "bench JC" and "we can't win with this guy" blah blah.

For all I know this could be his greatest moment as a Redskin and Colt Brennan or whoever could be needed later.

But for today - I'm proud of the guy and I'm glad that he shut people up for at least one week.

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Yea I can't wait to see 90% of this board jump back on board the Campbell boat now that he had a great game.

Last week on these boards were laughable at how many people were calling for his head, and now he goes and has a 300+yd game.

It'll be funny to see people get on his nuts now.

I wore my authentic Campbell jersey proudly to Montgomery Mall today and during the game :)

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I agree. He did great today and he audibled to that Moss TD.

Looked good to me. I wonder what the haters will say now. That it was a fluke? Who knows. Lets just hope he keeps it up.

"NO had injured DB's" . . . "Lucky" . . . "TE and WR bailed him out"

blah blah blah

So tired of the sickening hatred by some people on this forum.

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