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Redskins.ComTV: Greg Blache On Getting The Crowd Involed


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Greg Blache 9/11

On this Sundays game and getting the crowd involved:

"We gotta get the crowd involved in this. The only way you get the crowd involved is by making plays. You gotta get 'em up off their seat and give 'em something to shout about because that's huge. It increases our home field advantage because on offense, they'll have troubles with their audibles and their checks if we have the noise. But we can't ask the fans to do it, we gotta pay 'em. We gotta give 'em something to stand up and shout about and it's on us to do that. We gotta start the game off making some plays and giving the crowd something to shout about."

Bring the noise!!!!!! The team needs us now more than ever. First home game on Sunday, and we have to show the team that we're behind them 110%.

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Wonder if I could use the ol "coach told me to" arguement if they try and kick me out for standing?

And for the record, if the ushers had any sense of purpose when someone complained about a fan standing they would ask the whiner to please leave the stadium. Just a Thought!

No Matter, I'll be there... Loud & Proud!

First regular season game as a season ticket holder, if I don't cry from the excitement I'll be surprised.

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