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Tina Fey Returning to SNL


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I thought Phelps was awful

If Phelps ever gets a pic taken when he is drunk he can replace Eli. I love what Phelps did this Summer but man he and Eli could be brothers. :ols:

And good grief. If you didn't tell people that was Tina Fey, they wouldn't know. Absolutely amazing.

Yeah and her accent was dead on. Amazing.

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Tina Fey news has about as much appeal to me as a hot story about drain clogs.

Seriously, she's not funny, her weekend update delivery is horrible, she has shown no sense of comedic timing, and to my knowledge that is the only thing she's ever done.

So yay, she sort of looks like Sara Palin. This makes news now?

If SNL was ever funny, THAT would be news.


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