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Need to watch Skins game in Baltimore!


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Moving 30 miles from South of Baltimore (Crofton) to North of Baltimore (Perryville) took my ability to view Skins games with out DirectTV NFL ticket to near zero.

Anybody know any bars in Baltimore where I can catch the Skins games?

Check this first, it will let you know know if the Skins are playing in the Bmore market: http://www.the506.com/nflmaps/

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For future reference, there has got to be places in Belair/White Marsh. Buffula Wild Wings in White Marsh is a pretty good spot! You are right in between Ravens and Iggles fans. not too many skins fans up there

You aren't kidding. Just to keep peace in the family, my daughter has a Todd Heap jersey that she can wear only when the Ravens play and the Skins aren't on.

The rest of the time she is wearing Landry or Taylor. :point2sky

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