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This week will determine how far we go this season


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If the Skins come out with a strong well deserved win that Zorn at least has a pass with me for four more games.

that is just stupid talk. you cant deem a rookie head coach's tenure a failure after two games.

"oh he lost his second game he ever coached. its just not going to work out." :doh:

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I don't even need a win. I need competence this week. I am fully prepared to be pretty bad record wise after the first five. 2-3 would be a big win in my opinion. This team has something that no other team in the division has, a great ability to improve. The eagles are the eagles, giants are the giants, boys are the boys. They are what they are. We on the other hand ARE learning a new system. That means we have a much more reasonable expectation of drastic improvement throughout the season. Just making it competitve at this juncture with the likes of the Saints would speak volumes to where we should ultimately be toward the latter half of the season.

If we started 2-6 and ended the season 8-8 I would not ***** about it. I would be more bothered if we were 8-8 and won every other game throughout the season. Losing right now because we are "learning" I can handle. Being completely inept because we suck is quite a different thing. They don't have to win for me sunday (although I would LOVE it). They have to improve and after NY last week it really isn't that tall of an order. I want to see some first downs, maybe a field goal or two and a real touchdown drive while continuing to protect the ball (something they actually DID well in the debacle at the meadowlands).

great post. :applause:

i will take a year of 8-8 or even 7-9 if we show that we are competetive and are showing that we are moving in the right direction. one of the things that made me so proud of this team under gibbs is that we were one of the toughest outs in the league (aside from the pats game last year :()

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Sunday's game and this entire season will be determined by the play of our O and D lines. JC will be fine if he gets protection. Portis and Betts will have great stats and rack up the yardage if they have any holes to run through. Our wideouts will hold their own, but we do need one of the bigger rookies to step up so that we have more than one big target in Cooley. Still though, our offense this season will be determined by the play of our O-line. Can they open up any holes for our RBs and give JC some decent protection? If so, we'll win a lot of games this year.

On defense, we've got a solid linebacking corps and a very good secondary. The ST loss was huge though... if he was still here, we'd have the best secondary in the league, bar none. But the question would be (and still is), can our D-line apply any pressure? Our team shouldn't have to blitz in order to put any pressure on opposing QBs. Our secondary shouldn't have to guard wideouts twice as long as other secondaries around the league.

We all know how the Skins dominated for so long and won three Super Bowls. It wasn't from having Pro Bowl QBs or even Pro Bowl wideouts. It wasn't about our linebacking corps or secondary (admittedly, DG was amazing though). It was about dominating teams in the trenches. Doug Williams? Mark Rypien? Great guys, but only great quarterbacks when given tons of time. Timmy Smith? Come on... most of us could have run through those holes. The Hogs on offense. Dexter Manley, Charles Mann... and beefy interior linemen on defense. That's how championships are won. Teams don't win with the kind of line play we've had the past few years.

Give JC a break and focus on the real cause of our problems. Thursday was no exception. We got flat out dominated in the trenches. I dont' care how well we pick up the WCO, if we can't block or pressure the opposing QB or stop the run, what's it matter? We need to win the battles in the trenches... and so far, we're not even close.

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I can just see it... *2007 season, before game 2, on a Giants message board somewhere*

This game will decide our season. After an extremely lackluster game by our defense, and more inconsistent play from Eli, I think this is the game where we are going to see where we really end up this season. We played a division rival in the Cowboys, and people are already predicting a Superbowl from them. Now we play Green Bay who's only good players are over the hill, in Farve and Woodson. If we can't beat them, and our defense continues to look like they couldn't stop a highschool offense, we might as well just hang up the foam fingers and hope Coughlin is canned so we can get a real coach for next year. Hopefully they'll end this whole Spagnolo experiment too so we can get someone who can actually inspire players to play.

*Giants lose to Green Bay 13 to 35*

Gee, I guess they would have been dead on with that one too.

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I kinda agree . Last season we had the opportunity to put the Giants into 0-3 misery and we failed. Their season took off from there and they did int look back.

Not sure if our Skins can produce the same scenario.

You know, that is the best example I've heard in this argument!!

One game in fact probably made their season.

Here in CT all I get is Giant and Patriot propaganda on the airwaves, but everytime a Midget gets on the air and talk about last season, they ALWAYS refer to the WASHINGTON game as the turning point. They could have taken another L that day but decided to man up right then rather than wait another week to see where the chips fall.

Sadly, many of us dont believe in a sense of urgency until its too late. We can coddle JC all day, but all of you saw how the offense played when TC took the reins. But of course the EXCUSE is, that was a different offense. If we are gonna use the new offense excuse lets just write the season off now and play for next year.... give the offense a year to learn the system!!

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