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Yo travel specialists. Caribbean in April.


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What's important to you?

Culture and history?

Wild nature?

Cultivated beaches?

American-style resorts?

Cheap accomodations?


Some people love Aruba for its beaches - others think it is an ugly scrubby desert with Marriot highrises and McDonalds.

Some people love Barbados for the historic feeling - others think it is overpriced with bad British food.

Some people love Jamaica for the all inclusive resorts where the liquore flows freely - others are afraid of getting shot by gangsters.

Some people love Bonaire for the scuba diving - others fall asleep from boredom when the diving is done.

Some people love Guadeloupe for its nature - others think it is a humid, bug infested pit full of Frenchmen.

So what does Kilmer need in an island?

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Family first fun. So beaches and easy adventures are a key.

We've gone to the Bahamas to Nassau and loved Atlantis, but also been to out islands and loved just relaxing.

Inexpensive and easy to get to are important as well.

Definitely looking at houses, not resorts.

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