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Anybody watching the Bucs-Pats game on NFL Network?


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The most important guy didn't even play, so I doubt this means much in the grand scheme of things. (The Patriots could certainly use a veteran backup QB, though. Even with Brady's ridiculous healthy streak, that's not going to last forever.)

Still, it's fun to watch them get destroyed, even in a meaningless game.

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One dud of a game doesn't mean anything. Especially with the Patriots resume.

However if they play this bad for all their preseason games, there should be reason for concern.

Marshall Faulk said it last night. The Rams after losing to the Patriots played awful in the following preseason and they just wrote it off as "just preseason" and that "we'll turn it on when it counts". They went on to continue to struggle in the regular season and missed the playoffs.

Teams can look great in preseason and still end out being bad when it counts.

But its a very rare thing for a team to look like crap for an entire preseason and then just turn it around and play well when "the lights come on".

I'm betting the Patriots are going to lay the wood to whoever they are playing next week.

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But theoretically, a team should be a be able to do SOMETHING well. Even during a preseason game! The Patriots have stunk doing everything for this entire game.

I agree, was just making a joke mocking our poke friends response to the pokes poor showing against Denver.

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