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Found Someone Who Actually Likes Our Chances This Year


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I was listening to the NFL podcast for ESPN from the other day and was shocked to hear what Jeremy Green of Scouts Inc. had to say about our team. Nearly everyone I have heard and everything I have read has us finishing around 7-9 and likely finishing last in the division. But here is what he had t say:

"At number 12 (in the NFL) we have the Washington Redskins. I really like what I've seen out of this team in the preseason...I like what I have seen out of the Jim Zorn offense. How about Colt Brennan looking sharp again? Jason Campbell has looked sharp so I am excited about this team offensively. I think the West Coast Offense is just a perfect fit for Jason Campbell. I think it's a perfect fit for their offensive line...and really all of their personnel on this team, they have looked extremely sharp. I like the additions on defense and obviously with Jason Taylor. I think they are going to be the number two team in the NFC East and I think they are going to be e playoff team."

Of course he later had the Cowpukes at number 4 overall and winning the Super Bowl but I will take compliments from someone with an actual background in scouting personnel like Green when I can get it.

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