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Attention James Bond Fans


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That's a good price.

The thing that always gets me about these things is that once you buy it, it's just a matter of time until it's incomplete. Buy this now, and by November you'll have seen a Bond movie that isn't in the set.


Okay, not really. But I wish they'd charge $15 more and give you some kind of voucher for the next DVD/Blu-ray in the series (depending on which format you buy). It'll never happen, but it would be nice.

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Damn. The sale may be over. It was for 24 hours only. I tried.

They'll probably have it again when the new Bond movie gets released in November or so. I remember they had the same deal the day Casino Royale was released. They also did a similar deal for the 24 season sets when the season premier of 24 came on a few years ago.

Anyway, I cancelled my order. I'll get it when the offer is up again. Don't know when my next paycheck will be so I gotta hold tight for a little bit.

Tempting though. Very tempting.

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