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You all wanna hear a story about Cowboy fans? Well let me tell you a good one........

I used to drive a small Ford truck. A friend of my dad's who has Redskins season tickets gave me 2 bumper stickers that he got up at RFK Stadium. They were both white but in big blue letters said: DALLAS SUCKS

Well one day I was driving here in my hometown in Virginia and I pull up to a red-light to stop. Behind me, this white van pulls up and in it are two guys and a girl. Afetr it stops, the driver gets out of his van and walks up to my window and says, "Hey, I don't like that sticker on your truck, You need to take that off cause Dallas don't suck."

So he goes back to his truck and gets in, but then he comes back after someone else in the van said something to him and he says, "Did you say something about me?" OF COURSE, I had said something(Some to the effect of "Stupid f*cking redneck"), but I told him, "no man I didn't say anything." Then the light turned green and i drive away.

Cowboy fans can be insane. I still rememer the story on the news after the 1994 NFC title game in which the 49ers beat the two time defending SB Champ Cowboys 38-28 where outside San Francisco a man walked up to some guys and asked if they were 49ers fans and when they all said yes, took out a gun and open fire, killing one and wounding two more.

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Originally posted by Chief skin

Biggest bunch of fair weathered fans in the league, screw them all.

Man you got that right!!!!

Most of the ones who 5 or 6 years ago here in Virginia where I live won't admit they are fans.

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