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Will Jim Zorn be the next Steve Spurrier?


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Before I get my head bitten off...I am a big fan of Jim Zorn and think he could be a great fit. BUT I think there are a lot of people (skin fans only - obviously not the media) that think he can lead us to a division title. Spurrier was undefeated in the preseason then we sucked during the regular season.

Are we giving Jim Zorn too much credit too early? And will his tenure here in DC be similar to Spurriers?

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This should simply be a post in an existing thread featuring Zorn as it is a simple statement and one that has been mentioned many times (not that there's anything wrong with that aspect of it :)) in such threads. The thought expressed is neither developed enough in the opening post or unique enough to merit it's own thread. We encourage everyone new to starting threads to carefully read the forum rules. :)

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