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Ebay replica jersey question (possible fake)


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I just received a white Laron Landry replica jersey i bought from a seller named jadgang on ebay. Bought from him as a way to save a little coin over the redskins site.

Auction link is here:


Upon examination of the jersey, I am concerned it may be a fake. The color of the collar (looks like rich proper burgundy) does not match that of the printed numbers and letters on the jersey, which appear a more brownish red (perhaps maroon, ironically). Should the colors of the printed numbers letters on a replica correspond exactly with the color of the collar? Has anyone bought a white replica from redskins.com recently who can shed light on the subject?

I am attempting to take photos but though the color discrepancy is clearly visible to the naked eye it is undetectable in photos at the resolution my digital camera will shoot at. If I get a photo that can demonstrate what I mean, I will post it.

Anyone who can shed any light on this would be appreciated.

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