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ESPN: NFL Power Rankings: 2008 Training Camp edition


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NFL Power Rankings: 2008 Training Camp edition

Elsewhere, the Washington Redskins and New York Jets each slipped two pegs.

2008 Power Rankings: Offseason RK (LW)TEAMRECCOMMENT

nwe.gif1 (1)Patriots16-0-0The Patriots may have major question marks at CB. But with the NFL's easiest schedule, that shouldn't matter. The key is staying healthy. (JC)

ind.gif2 (2)Colts13-3-0The Colts head to camp with health concerns about Marvin Harrison and Dwight Freeney, but won a lot of games without them in 2007. (PK)

sdg.gif3 (3)Chargers11-5-0The Chargers have to make sure the injuries don't mount because this team enters training camp smelling its first Super Bowl visit in 14 seasons. (BW)

dal.gif4 (4)Cowboys13-3-0QB Tony Romo sits to pee knows the only way he can validate his immense talent is to win a playoff game. With this team, he'll finally break through. (MM)

jac.gif5 (5)Jaguars11-5-0The Jags' draft concentrated on pass-rushers who can give Peyton Manning and Tom Brady a harder time. (PK)

nyg.gif6 (6)Giants10-6-0New York didn't have to wait until training camp for the Super Bowl hangover to start. Losing four key players on defense won't help, and Jeremy Shockey's not the type of person to put his ego aside to help the team. (MM)

pit.gif7 (7)Steelers10-6-0Ben Roethlisberger looked awfully good this spring. He might be primed to join the elite QB class of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. (JW)

gnb.gif8 (10)Packers13-3-0Yes, they've had some unexpected drama this summer. With or without Brett Favre, however, the Packers have assembled a deep and talented roster that is built for the long haul. (KS)

sea.gif9 (8)Seahawks10-6-0Coach Mike Holmgren is looking for the defense to toughen up on the road, which could be key as the offense works its way through personnel changes. (MS)

cle.gif10 (9)Browns10-6-0Recent injury setbacks for WR Joe Jurevicius (knee), OG Ryan Tucker (hip) and CB Daven Holly (knee) have hit this team hard. But the Browns are deep. (JW)

min.gif11 (12)Vikings8-8-0The Vikings hit a couple of offseason home runs, signing WR Bernard Berrian and trading for DE Jared Allen. Their arrivals, plus the development of QB Tarvaris Jackson, should be enough to get to the playoffs. (KS)

nor.gif12 (11)Saints7-9-0LB Jon Vilma and rookie DT Sedrick Ellis should make the defense significantly better. The offense already had plenty of talent. (PY)

phi.gif13 (13)Eagles8-8-0This is the wild-card factor. With a healthy Donovan McNabb and and an improved defense, the Eagles could get back to winning NFC East titles. Keep your eyes on speedy rookie DeSean Jackson. (MM)

ten.gif14 (16)Titans10-6-0The Titans will rely on offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger to jump-start the pass offense, while the run game and defense remain the backbone. (PK)

tam.gif15 (15)Buccaneers9-7-0The defense always will keep the Bucs close. If Warrick Dunn, Earnest Graham or a healthy Cadillac Williams can provide a consistent ground threat, this team is in the playoffs. (PY)

was.gif16 (14)Redskins9-7-0We're about to find out whether Jason Campbell is the answer at QB. Head coach Jim Zorn was hired to help Campbell, and so far, the two are getting rave reviews. (MM)

ari.gif17 (17)Cardinals8-8-0Edgerrin James turns 30 next month, but he's confident superior conditioning will help him avoid injuries that strike older running backs. (MS)

buf.gif18 (19)Bills7-9-0Dick Jauron has the Bills poised to be a surprise playoff challenger. Trent Edwards had a great offseason working with the offensive changes implemented by new coordinator Turk Schonert. (JC)

hou.gif19 (20)Texans8-8-0Houston could improve and not have its record show it because of competition in the AFC South. (PK)

car.gif20 (18)Panthers7-9-0Coach John Fox is betting his future that QB Jake Delhomme can make a full recovery from Tommy John surgery. Rookie RB Jonathan Stewart will have to make an immediate impact. (PY)

bal.gif21 (22)Ravens5-11-0Choosing the right QB this summer could be the difference between a winning and losing season. (JW)

den.gif22 (23)Broncos7-9-0If Jay Cutler can stay healthy and Brandon Marshall can stay out of trouble, this offense will be fun to watch. (BW)

nyj.gif23 (21)Jets4-12-0Eric Mangini plans to go heavy on the run this year, but will there be enough offense to make a playoff run? The big question is at QB. (JC)

cin.gif24 (25)Bengals7-9-0If new coordinator Mike Zimmer can rally the defense quickly, the Bengals could surprise. (JW)

chi.gif25 (24)Bears7-9-0The Bears are hoping Kyle Orton or Rex Grossman will emerge as a viable quarterback, but their histories suggest otherwise. It's a big risk to take. As with the Lions, the defense will have to take control. (KS)

stl.gif26 (28)Rams3-13-0Getting LT Orlando Pace healthy -- and keeping him that way -- must rank as the Rams' top priority heading into training camp and the season. (MS)

oak.gif27 (26)Raiders4-12-0Optimism is sky high in Oakland. It might not be warranted, but the Raiders will be more fun to watch than in recent years. (BW)

sfo.gif28 (27)49ers5-11-0The 49ers have not yet committed to a starting QB, but the season could hinge on whether Alex Smith recovers from a brutal 2007 season. (MS)

det.gif29 (29)Lions7-9-0Converting from a pass-happy offense to a more balanced attack is a good move for the long haul, but will take some time. This team needs to rely on its defense, which is under development. (KS)

kan.gif30 (30)Chiefs4-12-0This is one of the youngest teams in the NFL. Let the rebuilding phase begin. (BW)

mia.gif31 (31)Dolphins1-15-0Bill Parcells has improved the roster with his type of tough, physical players, but the success of the season will depend on what happens at QB. It's anybody's guess who will start -- John Beck, Chad Henne or Josh McCown. (JC)

atl.gif32 (32)Falcons4-12-0The roster was gutted -- not a bad thing. But it's going to take time to add enough talent to make this team a serious contender. (PY)


What I don't get is how the hell Green Bay is higher then the Skins????:doh:

JC is a lot better then AR. And we now we even have JT. I guess the lower their expectation of us is better for us - hopefully.

Note: Search hi and low and didn't see it posted yet.

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What's the old rank?

It shows 16 (14) meaning in the last ranking we were 14. Was that last season? Or last week? Because I'm a bit confused as how we could have gone down over the last month.

I guess I could understand that argument that the guy thinks we might not be as good with Zorn as Gibbs. But if he had a ranking of 14 in something published last month, I fail to see how we would be lower given the addition of Jason Taylor and a good showing in the preseason game.

Edit: It's amazing what happens when you click a link. Per the website:

" (Editor's note: LW indicates each team's ranking last week -- or in this case, our May edition.)"

So we somehow were 14th in May but now we are 16th? Erm, that makes no sense.

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was.gif16 (14)Redskins9-7-0We're about to find out whether Jason Campbell is the answer at QB. Head coach Jim Zorn was hired to help Campbell, and so far, the two are getting rave reviews. (MM)

Wonder how 12-4 winning record is goinna to look to them when the SUPERBOWL is being played with the Redskins.........and...........I don't care who we play, just as long as we DANCE ;)

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Does it really matter? You just have to take these rankings with a grain of salt. I swear Redskin fans come off as very whiny when we keep complaining about rankings. I've never seen a fanbase so obsessed with what all these "So Called Experts" think about us. Makes our fanbase look unknowledgable and acting like a bunch of babies. These are old rankings and if 13-3 and and NFC Championship game doesn't convince you that the Packers should be ahead of us, then I don't know what will. It's all about wins and losses, nothing else and when the smoke clears on Feb 1, we'll see who holds the Lombardi.

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