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colt brennan COME ON!


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this is a little different thread people about CB. now i am a fan of his, but LOVE where he is and do not want him even being the back up right now much less traded starting or any of the other choices i have seen on this board.

learn learn learn is the best way for colt to become a starter in the future. he may compete for the backup spot late this year but i for one would like to see that happen no earlier than next year. for one colt will be more ready and for another that means the other two QBs have been doing well which hopefully translates into W's.

now to switch things up, for you redskin, non hawaii, fans and even you colt doubters. colt was projected as a late 2nd early 3rd rounder after his junior year. the year he really lit everything up no trouncing by georgia and he was on top of the world. he even had a few calls from teams that were willing to look at him for the first round. then his senior year we all know his stock plummetted to the sixth round.

well he came back for his team, coaches, and yes his fans. he came back to win a wac championship for his family. gave up so much to give us so much. not too many juniors that came back for their senior season last year ended up losing as much as colt. now many of you may say that is because he is over rated, but if his first game is any indication of what can be, then you must at least toy with the idea that he is truly a player and can do great things.

now back to the now. the call came. the redskins have decided to give to colt what he has been dreaming of, a chance. i will stick my neck out and say that he will give every ounce of blood he has to his new family. he will give everything he has for his new brothers uncles auties nieces and nephews out there in the redskin nation. he may not like it but he will be patient, will learn, and will do the best he can and give everything he has when the time comes that his family needs him.

you do anything for your family, that is the hawaii way, that is colt's way. he is a redskin now. . .period. he will not abandon the team, he will do what is best for them.

so i will embrace colt as a redskin as i hope ALL of you will.

now i know there are a lot of colt lovers out there and i think you are all on the same page as zorn.

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