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Colt Brennan on Radio


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Please recap. Because for some reason my computer will allow me to stream ESPNradio but not Redskins Radio.

Anybody tell me why that is?

ive been having problems with it too. I couldnt get it to work on mozilla firefox, had to use explorer.

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It's funny how in DC, we always create a qb controversy. If Colt plays well on Saturday, there will be even more people wanting to see more of Colt and if JC struggles...let's not even go that way.

I can understand why people like Colt. He's an underdog, he had some impressive numbers in college and JC hasn't really established himself. But let's not kid ourselves, even if JC was a star, people always want to see that second qb do well. TC, Stan Humphries, Jay Schroeder, Gus Ferrotte are just some of the guys who fans want to see do well.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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