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Yet another HOF weekend blog (Cooley, eat your heart out)


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Well, I figure I will start a new thread about the HOF weekend without fear of being NNT, not like the mods would dare do that :laugh:.

Thursday night (after sitting in traffic on 495, learn to drive people, my god), I arrive at TLC's mini-mansion, and immediately run down to oogle at his redskin room (if that room and me ever got a chance to be alone, it would have made for quite the movie).

We went out to pick up tailgating supplies, hit up the green turtle, had a few 2 dollar jager shots, then headed back to pack his wanna be SUV.

Once we had the HalfUV packed, I figured it was time for some Honey Turkey.


It was so good, we decided to have some more honey turkey, with some new people and proceeded to call Slacky McSlackass, Hunny, and the krabber over to have less run-a-round in the morning when LegionOfDoom came to pick the noobs up.

Once they arrived we tossed the pigskin inside the house and had shots of honey turkey.


We ended up crashing around 3:30 because we had to wake up at 8:00am.

Skinslove <3 ended up mass texting us at around 7:50 am :mad::mad::mad: so I moseyed on upstairs from the nice bed setup I had and took a shower


We all get into LegionofDoom and TLC's cars and head on off to Frederick, Maryland for the caravan.

We finally found this hotel and hooked up with the caravan for all of .03 miles when we hit the gas station for a quick fill-up. This is where TLC realizes he lost his wallet. I use the term lost loosely because after the caravan ditches us, he finds it by the gas pedal :doh::laugh:.

So, our caravan consisted of one car for 400 miles, talk about craziness due to boredom, it was a great time.

TLC, krabber, Honorary_Hog, and I stop in breezewood, PA for some subway because at this point the caravan is a non option. We sit in the restaraunt and immediately begin making fun of a lady frantically trying to wash a spot out of her windshield. One of the kids in the car with her ended up placing their plastic cup on the top of the car so we all patiently awaited the moment the car drove off with the cup still on the roof. Unfortunately, the cup was removed from the roof, and our hearts died a little.

After subway came a picture infront of a Steeler store.


After this picture, all hell broke loose.

In order for TLC to access his camera, he had to open the tailgate of his HalfUV. Well, unbeknowst to the 4 of us, we failed to close the tailgate, chaos ensued.

We end up leaving the parking lot of the subway and start towards the Penna turnpike. I immediately begin hearing things sliding around behind me and turn around to see our luggage being thrown all over the road, tailgate wide open :laugh::silly:. I jump out of the car and produce the fastest 40 yard dash in the history of mankind (somewhere around 2 seconds) and grab one piece of luggage before a few cars turn me into chum.

We get the vehicly packed up and on the road we go. Thus begins the tedious turnpike travel


This is the only scenery we saw for the entire trip, so soak it in people, because this is all I have to offer.

We eventually cross into Ohio, pehaps the worst state in the entire country (only one or two hot females on the road, wtf?). We end up being flabbergasted that it is a swing state (seriously people?). The drive takes us through akron (home of the ugliest drives in the world) and eventually down into canton YYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

I leave my camera in the hotel before heading into Buffalo Wild Wings for a night of drinking and other adult activities. I hit the sack around 3:30am Saturday morning and wake up at 9:00am, time to tailgate!!!

MIA, Tor, SSM, Warlord, krabber, BigMike, HH and I head to pick up some more tailgating supplies before the induction tailgate, then head to the fairgrounds.

let the day of drinking and meeting sexy redskin fans begin!!! YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!


I meet some new members of the board, take shots and drink beer with them, same old..same old. Eventually relax with SSM, IONTOP, and daddys_little_skins_fan.


Everyone is at the tailgate, Extremeskins/Redskins Roadtrips/DTC etc....

I will mention the awesomeness of the DTC girls with this picture....


And the best surprise of the day, Art Monk himself decides to stop by the tailgate, he is very nice, and even allowed me to thank him in the nicest way I could think of



The tailgate starts to come to a close as induction time quickly approaches, so we head into FedEx Field bite size


The night goes on as the inductees give their speeches and then it is time for some guy with the last name of Green (he must be environmental friendly because people sure did cheer for him).

4x zoom blows so the picture is blurry but you get the idea of who it is.


After Mr. Green comes what was dubbed Zimmermission, he had a good speech, though, short and sweet.

Then this was the scence for a certain indicidual named Art (I don't think he is related to our moderator)


4 mintues of standing and a collective loss of 16,000 voices happened shortly after this picture "It's about time!"


We head back to the hotel for a night of more drinking and end up finding a hotel that is under contruction, or should I call it a drunken playground?

This hotel is awesome, and we find the way up the the rooftop, play around some more, and head back down. By this time, I am trying to spook the krabber, SSM, and Hunny. I am on the 3rd floor as the head into the basement and all of the sudden, I see them hauling ass out of the hotel and up the street. I find it kind of odd, but say whatever and head down to the first floor.

I am standing by what will eventually be a window and hear a whistle, I think "damn, they saw me!!" but then I hear a piece of wood fall in the lobby area. I then produce the fastest 100 yard dash in the history of mankind (around 5 seconds) as I hear "We're calling the cops, you better run". I figured it was construction workers until i turn around and see OVC and Bigmike walking out of the hotel laughing their asses off.. the ****s :laugh:

The night comes to an end, I fall asleep at 6:30am, get up at 11 and head back over to the fairgrounds for day 2 of HOF tailgate this time, for the HOF game.

I begin the day early with a shot of Honey Turkey with some of the ES tailgate regulars.

Cheers to Monk and Green


I try to stay hydrated this day and not get too drunk because by this point my mind is telling me no, but my body, my body..... I digress

I end up meeting Chad Rinehart's family and use my less-than-smooth talking ability to convince Chad's little sister to pour a DTC cone beer bong for me, and what a great beverage it was


This concludes the second tailgate and we head to the stadium for the Colt Brennen Game (I will use that name here so I don't have to start another thread for him)


You all probably saw the game, and this was one of my last pictures.

We left the game, drank a little more at the fairgrouns, headed back to the hotel and went to bed around 2:00am!!!!

woke up at 10, and ended up getting back to my dad's house around 8:00pm

This was my weekend, I now call it Thriturunday (Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday) it was an awesome jumble of days which were the best 4 of my life.

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Damn Reese. You are my favorite blogger!

I was just thinking the same thing. Very nicly done Reese. After reading this post, I can't wait to meet fellow ES'ers at the Skins/Panthers game for the first time.

By the way Mark The Homer, I must say that Daddys Little Skinsfan has really grown into a beautiful woman. Very photogenic.

Thanks, Hail

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