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My HOF Weekend


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We came, we concord, we got drunk. :cheers:

That pretty much sums up how my weekend went at the HOF Induction Ceremony and Game. :laugh:

OVCChairman and I rolled into Canton around 6:00pm Thursday evening and after we checked into our hotel, we hit the streets of Canton in search of a bar and found one 3 blocks from our hotel called The Pub.

It is a sports bar like your typical sports bar, but on this night, they are having a wet T-shirt contest, so we knew we were in the right place. As some of our friends (Teddy833 and TorresA) started rolling into town we called them to tell them to meet us there.

It was a fun night, but we all knew that this was the start of a very special weekend.

Friday was our day to go to the HOF Museum and I was so glad we did. We didn’t have a ton of people there and got to enjoy it before Canton got over-run by all of us Redskins fans. I am also glad I bought my HOF souvenirs that day because Saturday the HOF store and the tents outside were complety sold out by the end of the day.

Friday evening was our planned get-together at the Buffalo Wild Wings. It was estimated that we had over 400 Redskins fans there from Extremeskins, Redskin-Roadtrips, the DTC, Warpath/CPND, HailRedskins and Redskinsheads.

We took the place over.

We had the whole place singing HTTR many times and it was great seeing so many happy faces all dressed in burgundy and gold.

We had a blast there that night.

But this was only a warm up to the activates we had planned for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday was the Induction Ceremony and we planned a huge tailgate party at the Stark Co Fairgrounds were the Induction Ceremony parking was going to be with a shuttle bus to the stadium where all the HOF activates were being held. The weather was great with the high temp of 80 degrees with low humidity. The sky was a nice blue with just a few cotton ball clouds floating by. We also had a nice breeze that felt really good. It was the same for Sunday as well. We could not have asked for better weather the whole weekend.

The people at the Fairgrounds set aside a place in the back of the parking lot for our tailgate and I am glad they did for it turned into a huge gathering of burgundy and gold. As the tailgate was cranking into high gear, one of the guys that was guiding cars into parking spaces there at the Fairgrounds walked up to me and some others standing near our tailgate area and told us that he has been parking cars for the HOF ceremony and games for almost 20 years and he has never seen this many fans from one team ever.

He also said that in that time no one has had a tailgate party for the ceremony.

We were all surprised and I told him that wait until tomorrow where we will be doing it all over again for the HOF game.

He said you people are amazing and are some dedicated fans.

I said, “Yes we are because we are the Redskins Nation.”

After about 10 hours of tailgating (I wish we could do that at every home game at FedEx) we took the shuttle bus to the stadium for the Induction Ceremony. I found my seat right on the 50 years line, but I was 3 rows from the top of the stadium. Not bad seats at all and I had a nice unobstructed view of the entire stage.

The ceremony was great and it is something I will never forget with 90% of the stadium filled with burgundy and gold. It was like a home game at FedEx.

When Darrell Green was introduced and crowd roared in applause more then the inductees before him, but the biggest applause as you all know was for Art Monk.

It was amazing seeing the entire stadium standing, cheering and clapping for what seemed a long time, but finding out later it was 4 minutes and 15 seconds long, the longest in HOF history. Also when the other inductees and alumni that were on stage all stood up in applause for Monk that was also the first time this has ever happened.

I hope all those sports writers that have a vote for the HOF see what injustice that portrayed for all those years to a man that should have been a first ballet candidate.

The only negative thing that happened to me the whole weekend was trying to get onto one of the buses back to the Fairgrounds after the ceremony. I had to wait for over an hour to get onto a bus because of a couple of rookie cops that didn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground guiding people onto the buses.

That problem was rectified that next night because after the game, we had no trouble getting on the buses with some veteran cops doing the directing.

Man, was I tired from that fantastic tailgate and ceremony that I was glad when I got back to the hotel for I crashed and slept like a baby that night.

It is now Sunday and another tailgate (the first time in my life I tailgated 2 days in a row) and the HOF game. We all get to the Fairgrounds and tailgated right in the same place we did the day before. After another 10 hours of tailgating (Man, I can get use to this) we were off to the game.

My seat at the game was again on the 50-yard line, but this time I was on the opposite side of the stadium from where I was the night before and I was behind the Redskins beach 30 rows up from the field.

I could not ask for a better seat.

I was just happy to be there and was looking forward to some injury free football with not a care in who won, but the Skins did win and it was the icing on the cake to a near perfect weekend for me.

I went to the New Orleans away game back in 2006 and I had such a great time down there (Bourbon St) that I thought it could never be topped, but this past HOF weekend blew that trip right out of the water.

Monday before some of us left to go home, we got together again at the Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. While we were eating, the Manager came up to us and told us that Friday was there best night of sales since the Super Bowl. He thanked us many times for bringing so many Redskins fans to his place. He said the only time it gets bigger then what we had was during any Ohio St football games, which is understandable since we were in Ohio, but we did out due any Cleveland Browns gatherings that has happened before.

I was not suppose to have been going on this trip, but the football Gods were smiling on me when I got my tickets 2 weeks before from the Redskins and a few kind souls (Huly, OVCChairman, TastesLikeChicken and Teddy833) in helping make this trip possible for me.

You are my angels from heaven that made this trip possible and I am indebted to you.

I took over 200 pics this past weekend and when I get the ones I want to use downsized, I will post them.

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Great story. I am glad you had fun. That weekend was definitely one of the best NFL experiences I've ever had. So good in fact, me and my friends are considering doing it again soon. The induction ceremony was awesome, us Redskins fans really did Monk proud with that ovation. I couldn't stop cheering, nearly throwing my voice out. I can't wait until you get the poics up, I've been enjoying everybody's so far. I will have my pics up soon as well, just as soon as I can find the damn connector cable for my camera and get my photos loaded on to my PC.

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Great post. I too had an amazing time in Canton. I had the awesome experience of sharing the HOF with my son. And my Mom and I had the time of our lives at the induction ceremony. I too raised my voice as loud and as often as I could for Mr. Green and Mr. Monk. It was the experience of a life time that I will remember always. I hate that I missed the tailgate party. It doesn't surprise me that you and other Skins fans would tailgate for two days and for so many hours. Way to celebrate two of our favorite Redskins.

I was shocked to see so many of us there, but it was a great sight to see. When we got to the HOF around 10 a.m. there were already a lot of us there. Including the folks wearing The Monk robes in support of Art Monk. I'll have to download the pic I have of them. If you didn't see them, you missed a treat. By the time we were finished with seeing the exhibits in the HOF, the place had been completely taken over by Redskins fans. Everywhere you looked there were people sporting their burgundy and gold. It was great. I felt right at home. Even in our hotel about 30 minutes away, there were scores of Redskins fans. The guy at the shuttle told us the same, that he had never seen so many fans from one team.

I'm glad that you had a great weekend too. Hail to the Redskins!!!!

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