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The Arrington #56 jersey in my closet


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I have a Davis, and the great Rod Gardner I can bring as well!

And I'll bring my Brad Johnson jersey too.

My friend had a Lavar jersey and for a season it sat in the corner of his backyard while we did unspeakable things to it. We finally burned it first game of last season.

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Burn it. You know you want to. Better yet, go to his new restaurant and on opening night bring it and burn it there. That was you're sure to exorcise all your demons and whatever the hell else is in your closet :)

We burned them at the Giants game a cpl years ago :)

skinsfan44 drunk as hell burning his at the ES tailgate... hehehe


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yeah, sure. if anyone else wants to hang out, but you don't have a former 'skins jersey, i'll bring my 70th anniversary trotter, you can borrow it.

i wanna come. i can bring my authentic Ramsey jersey!

I can beat that one, I have the 70th anniversary Jessie Armstead jersey...:laugh:

i beat that one

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I'm thinking of converting mine to a Dave Butz. As for you guys with an extra $200-$300 to spare; instead of burning a jersey, why don't you just send me the $$$?

There's a whole thing of corksniffery when it comes to owning an authentic versus a replica... :laugh:

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