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HOF pics


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Awesome pics; :cheers:

I really liked the shot of Desiree, Art's wife~ the television showed a close up of her as Art was giving her the just credit she deserves (ed) ;)

Jim Kelly~ agreed, someone needs to get him some casual dress pants :laugh: ~ saggy jeans are way, way out :cheers: and not appropriate for the occasion. I am suprised he dressed that way.:doh:

THANK YOU all for the 4 min standing ovation~ Art truly deserved it :point2sky ; and so did "peewee" Darrell Green :point2sky

Does anyone know who owns the van?

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Thanks for the great pics! The one of Art during his ovation is awesome

That's what makes Art....Art. You could tell at times he was a little uncomfortable.....a little unsure he was worthy of that kind of tribute. You have no idea how much I wish some of today's WR's could emulate that man. A picture of humility, even when standing on his sport's Mt. Rushmore.....

God Bless You #81!!!

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