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ESPN: Zorn Delivers Stern Lecture (interesting read)


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Zorn Delivers Stern Lecture


Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

August 5, 2008 3:20 PM

ASHBURN, Va. -- If you've watched Redskins head coach Jim Zorn in enough news conferences, you know that he's not exactly the fire and brimstone type. In my 45-minute visit with him Tuesday morning, he came across as a cerebral guy who stops and analyzes almost every sentence that comes out of his mouth.

But at the end of Tuesday morning's practice, he sensed a teaching moment for his team. We couldn't hear it from our end zone section almost 50 yards away, but apparently a defensive player took exception to something defensive coordinator Greg Blache said and squared off with him in a verbal exchange.

Zorn didn't say anything at the time, but after practice, he called the team over and talked to them at length about what it means to show proper respect. He knew his speech was resonating because several veterans were heard saying, "That's right" as he talked.

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interesting, thanks for posting... zorn is exhibiting a real penchant for learning from the more experienced, leaving his ego at the door and learning the coaching position like his young players are learning theirs...

hopefully this type of attitude will lead to a successful and long career here in DC...

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Here's what I love about Zorn. The guy clearly has his own unique ideas about football and the way things should be done. But at the same time, he's not some blowhard who thinks he invented the game. He's smart enough to have his own ideas about things, but he's also smart enough to draw from the knowledge and experience of the people around him.

I really feel good about this guy. I think he's going to make a lot of doubters look very foolish.

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