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You seeing any "signs" for the upcoming season?


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This is not being written in a post-euphoric haze as result of the strong showing Sunday night … trust me. A strong showing by a team in the preseason means nothing. A poor showing means trouble, I realize that.

That being said, is anybody else seeing, for lack of a better term “signs” that would lead you to believe the Skins will have a special season?

I look back to little things like the Pats winning the super bowl in Foxboro’s last season and Brady coming in for Bledsoe, the Broncos winning their first super bowl after changing their uniforms, the Rams winning it all after Trent went down, the Ravens winning it all after not scoring a freaking TD for 5 straight games, the Giants winning it all after losing both Shockey and Tiki, the Steelers winning it all in The Bus’ last year, the Saints going to the NFC Champ Game a year after Katrina, etc, etc.

I’m always the eternal optimist, I thought we were going to have good years after Spurrier, Lloyd, and Al Saunders came on. But, I don’t know if I have ever felt or seen more “signs” that lead to me to think we might have a real good/fun season.

If you are feeling me let me know if you have seen these signs, if you are not don’t burst my bubble! This thread is for those who sometimes do not always look to stats or even rational explanations for answers!

A few others:

-Zorn – I mean he came to the skins in the craziest way, it has to work right??? The Danny pulled a Costanza and did the opposite.

-Art and Darrell getting into Canton this year, what a tone setter.

-Having drafted 10 players this year – when was the last time that happened

-The onside kick this last Sunday … I mean, what the hell, how did we get that? I understand Danny Smith warned the players, but man that is a sign to me. Not sure why? Maybe it’s a sign we are going to manufacture a lot of our own luck this year by being prepared and efficient.

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