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What a noticeable change from seasons past. Over the last 4 to 5 seasons there has always been so much hype in what the Redskins have done in the offseason. That going into preseason all of us fans usually have some sort of expectation on what the Redskins should accomplish. I have to say going into the HOF game my expectations were pretty low as far what I thought I would see coming from a rookie head coach. I thought I would see a team struggle offensively, be very disorganized, at times seem sluggish, and afraid to overextend themselves and make a mistake. Typically that is the way the Redskins have played over the last few seasons epecially in preseason. It has always seemed to me that Redskins have played more not to lose than laying it all on the line to win. I came away from the HOF game very pleased and pleasantly suprised as far as what the Redskins showed. I realize that this game was only a preseason game and the skins were only playing 3rd stringers against the Colts 3rd stringers. But man for once they played greater than I would have ever expected against a team that has always had deep talent. It's hard not to read to much into a simple preseason game. I just hope that this is a sign of times to come.

R.I.P. #21:dallasuck :cheers: :helmet:

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