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Why I'm thankful to a Cowboys fan tonight...


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ok, so I hate to admit it...but I owe a props to my neighbor, who is a Cowboys fan. We had talked a few weeks ago, and realized each others fav teams. We decided to keep friendly, and make some wagers on this years game.

Last week, he balked at letting me in the house w/ my Skins visor on. :laugh: His fiance and I are pretty good friends, so she over ruled. lol

Well, today I couldn't get my internet service to work. And after last nights win, I was dying to get on ES. I'm next door visiting, and mention my sorrow. Well, here I am now, laptop in hand, at a Cowboy's fans house, hanging out on ES. Can life get any better. :cheers:

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This thread is too funny! That's great that your friend let you use his internet. I have a Cowboys fan friend who I go back and forth with, and I think he'd let me use his internet...I think. But I'd still trash his crappy gear in less than a second! That's awesome though, you were ESing us from enemy territory. SWEET!

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What if the Skins game was on TV and the only way you could watch it was by watching it with a Cowboys fan in their house? ;)

I once dated a Cowboys fan. :puke: Once, we went outside to smoke ( back when I smoked) & it was like, 20 degrees outside. I was stupid & left my jacket inside, not realizing how cold it was & it was a long walk. So I'm outside in 20 degrees in a tee shirt, smoking a cigarette...& I HATE the cold...like I HATE the Cowboys. She offered me her jacket, which just so happened to be a Cowboys Starter jacket. :puke: :puke: Needless to say, I was repulsed. And freezing. So I did what any reasonable Redskins fan would do in this situation.

I put my cigarette out & went inside.


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