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Hall of Fame Weekend


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First of all I would like to thank the people of Canton Ohio for being such great helps during my stay there. They really ran a well oiled machine considering the amount of burgandy and gold in the "dog pound".

I stayed about 5 minutes from the hall itself at comfort inn, the room was good, being surrounded by redskins fans for the entire weekend wasn't half bad either :) Oh not to mention the Redskins cheerleaders were staying in my hotel. That was another added bonus. :)

I went to the Gold Jacket ceremony the night before the actual induction that was amazing, of course the entire weekend was nothing but burgandy and gold but this was amazing. Had a really nice dinner a few minutes before it, and watching Art and Darrell's son put those gold jackets on them was amazing, especially for Art.

On that night the ovation in terms of pure insantiy went Art, Gibbs, Darrell.

It was very close to tell though but this was clearly Art's weekend. I left out of the building looking for my tour bus that I arrived on and looking infront of me about ten feet I saw Joe Gibbs sitting at the head of the bus with all the hall of famers on it. A great begining to my trip. Then the very next day I get to go to the parade. Which was amamzing, and there is a funny story behind that. So they have the entire road broken down in to team sections. of all the teams in the NFL. I look at my ticket number (21 by the way, almost all my tickets were number 21. So I thought that was awesome.) And it says I'm going to be sitting in the 49ers section. So I didn't worry I knew we had numbers on this particular weekend. So I'm walking looking for my spot, so I walk up to one of Ohio's finest. "Sir I was wondering where my seat is, I know I'm close." "Oh son you're right here." and he points..

"Where?" I answered as he pointed in to the mass of people. "He says right over there you see the guy wearing the redskins number 28 and 81 jersey standing up, your right there." My response to that guy "there are 28 and 81 jerseys everywhere. And that was no exageration. So I said you are going to have to give me a better marker then that, cause if all ive got to go on is a person wearing a 81 and 28 jersey then I won't be leaving this spot.

So he used his nugget and walked me towards where I needed to be. The parade was pretty cool. Of course Art and Darrell got the biggest ovations through the entire weekend. So the mayor of Ohio comes strolling down the street. He gets a simple golf clap. Then you hear him say something like "Go Redskins" ...the whole thing blew up.

I enjoyed the parade quite a bit. But that was just the begining of my time there. I had the actual induction coming up the very next night. Those of you who saw it on TV and that were there know, when Berman was going through the teams to see who was in support, you could hear a cricket churp for almost every other team except the patriots which was fueled by Andre Tippetts family..and that was it.

When the mayor of Ohio comes out and says that he is declaring today Washington Redskins day, you know you are doing something right.

As they were bringing out all the past hall of famers, John Elway's name was mentioned. But at the exact same time M. Irvin was cruising by on a golf cart so the boo's begin to reign down.Having not realized that we "boo'ed " John Elway.

When they announced Tony Dorsett or any cowboy for that matter, there were boo's I didn't boo Tony Dorsett but when Irvin came on stage I gave it everything I had. What they didn't show you on TV was Joe Gibbs laughing hysterically at the fact Irvin got boo'ed.

It was awesome. It was definitly a sea of burgandy and gold there, from the youngest of fans to the elderly, it was great all unting under one common love of the Washington Redskins.

My friend from back home called me at the begining, and was like oh my god. You weren't kidding, no sir I wasn't.

Green came up to an amazing ovation everyone was going crazy it was really awesome. I also noticed they took out him chasing down tony dorsett in the highlights they showed. Which I guess it was because he was there haha.

When Darrell said he "belonged" here because of God's plan, that was ok by me, but everyone knew he belonged here no matter who put him on what path.

Then came Art Monk, when I was a kid i promised myself that when that day came, I would be there to watch my childhood hero get that gold jacket that he so rightfully deserved.

The crowd eruppted. I mean you couldn't hear yourself think. It was utterly amazing. 4 and a half minutes the news said or something like that. During the outpour of cheers some little kid behind me about 8 years old maybe waslike "everyone bequite so we can let him speak." mean while Art was soaking it all in.

The young kid had no idea that everyone in that stadium had been waiting 8 years for Art monk to get in to the hall all this joy had been building for 8 years and we were leaving nothing behind.

Seeing the hall of Famers stand up and add to the ovation was a class act, everyone there knew he deserved to be there. Everyone.

That night was utterly amazing initself.

The autograph session the next day before the game, I heard Darrell wasn't going to be there, I was disappointed in Mr. Redskin, he knew that all these people traveled out for him and Monk. The could have honestly had a induction class of those two guys and still sold everything out.

I heard a few reason why he wouldn't be there and don't know which was true I do know he had a tent entirely of Darrell Green autographed stuff which if he could do that he could come and do the session.

It wasn't just the autograph it was that ten seconds where you could tell Darrell or Art anything you wanted, that's what I missed out on with Darrell. When I was infront of Art I didn't know what to say being my first autograph session and the first time meeting my hero. I was completely speechless then it just came out "congratulations Mr. Monk...It should have happened a long time ago. But it's finally here" he smiled and laughed a little. And said you know it's ok.

Greatest ten seconds of my life. haha

I went through the autograph line everyone you know talked to me for a second except fo rMr. Tippett. I wished Emmitt good luck this coming season he said "we are gonna need it." I responded with you did some good things in the off season so I think you guys will do just fine.

ThenZimm, I told him that he looked like he could still lay a few guys on their back. He answered laughing..."yeah one or two." Great guy.

As far as the game goes...from what I was seeing there is a few things that I saw. I saw when Colt Brenan needed to put something on the ball he completely lacked form in his throws. mainly that 15 yard pass down the middle to fred Davis.

Davis looked good, the D could be better but we were missing 6 starters from our first squad so I'm not worried there. The O line looked good, I had a great time

Definitly the best weekend of my life.

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I wish I could have been there, but it looked amazing on TV. I read somewhere that never before in the history of the hall had any one team's fans taken over for the entire weekend as in this case. (And as a proud Oriole fan, I'm happy to say that Cooperstown was overtaken by O's fans last season when Cal went in.) In a way you sort of felt bad for the other three guys, but they seemed to understand the circumstances. Plus DC was the closest to Canton of any of the cities represented there. I was really happy to see Emmitt Thomas get in to begin with, but the fact that he got to go in with Monk and Green was really special. He should know that while most everyone was there mainly for Art and Darrel, those cheers were as much for him as for anyone else. He's definitely a part of Redskin history. His speech really struck me as well done also; he came across as such as humble man, but since Gibbs made the decision to hire him I'm not surprised. Oh well, I couldn't make it up to Canton, but I am a season ticket holder, so I'll be representing at all ten home games this season. GO SKINS!!!

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