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Shout out to Fans not able to come to Canton


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There's been a lot of props given to those of us that made the trip to Canton and represented the good ole' burgundy and gold.

I'd like to send props out to ALL Redskin fans... whether you were physically in attendance, or watching on televisions, or living it through the blogs here on ES, all of us had one heck of a proud weekend.

It's one of the best weekends I've had for a long time, and I was a lucky one who was able to attend. But for those not there, you were there with us in spirit, and I think we all know that. I know people are going to try to share pictures, etc. and I'm sure there were literally thousands taken. I will try to post some I took later myself.

For those at you at home, I know I'd love to know if anyone taped the local news items and the Comcast Sportsnet items and if there is anyway you could share those with those of us in Canton who were not able to see these items as well. In that way we can all share in everything together. I know there are those of us there discussing this very thing and hoping perhaps we can get some sharing of CDs of pictures/DVDs of items taped on televisions and the like. Then it will be like we were all everywhere seeing and sharing in everything.

We were there as a Redskins family and as with all families, not everyone can make every event. But you were there in spirit, so

HTTR and

HAIL TO THE BEST DAMN FANS IN THE NFL (to quote the great late Jack Kent Cooke Sr.).

Just had to say it guys. The outpouring and attendance in Canton was phenomenal (I was there for Riggins enshrinement and trust me... that doesn't even light a small candle to what went on this weekend). I'm proud of the Redskins fan base... whether in Canton, at home, or overseas serving our country. We were there as one.

I'll get off my soapbox now ;)

Just posted some pics in the HOF/Canton thread.

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I didn't want to start another thread, so I figured this one is as good as any to say this.

Thanks to all of the ESer's in Canton who made my friend and I feel welcome. We flew out from AZ on Thursday but because of all the official HOF functions we signed up for (and two rounds of golf), we didn't make it out to any of the ES functions until Sunday's tailgate. We sort of kept to ourselves for a while, but many of you came over and introduced yourselves and made us feel at home there. Your hospitality is appreciated!

Special thanks to Huly and Mark. Pez, sorry I didn't have the means to reply to any of your emails from Canton, but just wanted you to know that I apprecated being included. Roger

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