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Great day to be a Redskin!


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Today was an awesome day to be a Redskin.

First, the whole country finally got to see why Skins fans feel so strongly about the great Art Monk. Darrell Green became a first ballot Hall of Famer, and the Redskins nation decended upon Canton, and showed the rest of the football world what in means to be a Redskin.

Then later the same day, the new Redskins' offense made it's debut and looked more like a veteran playoff team then one with a first time head coach with a new offense.

Jason Campbell was great. Not only did he make some beautiful throws, but he also looked very decisive and deliberate in the pocket. It appears Zorn has already been able to do more with Campbell the Al Saunders was able to in 2 seasons.

We also got further confimation that Vinny Cerrato deserved his promotion, and is having a tremendous offseason as team manager. If the Redskins can continue to get that type of production out of its rookie class then this will be looked back on as a fantastic draft for the Redskins, and we haven't even seen Kelly and Thomas yet.

Lastly, we learned something tonight that I think is very significant. Jim Zorn kept Coach Gibbs' running offense and had Joe Bugel install it. Don't overlook this huge fact. We get to keep our smashmouth, "Redskins football" running game, but now we will have a dynamic passing game to pair with it. My biggest concern with adapting to a WCO was that we would lose our ability to play good ole NFC East smashmouth football, as the Eagles did when Reid became their coach. This is no longer a concern of mine.

Yes Skins fans, today was a great day. :cheers: I'm going to enjoy this one.

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