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I just had a terrible thought


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I think Emmitt should ask Moose to do his intro. The guy paved the way for all his yards. If that is the case, it will be a double whammy for y'all. ;)
Moose would have to have Joe Buck there to hold his hand though. :laugh:
ah, but Buck is Aikman's broadcast partner, not Moose's. ;)
I've seen Moose and Buck before. But you are right, Buck is Aikman's crutch usually. Moose is more often paired with that robot Kenny Albert.
ah ok. Well we shall find out in 2010 when Emmitt makes his HoF speech. :D
I'll guarantee you that will be one painful speech for a myriad of reasons.

Lemme chime in here: IIRC when Troy and Darryl first broke into the broadcast booth they were paired with JBuck in a MNF 3-some kinda thang -

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Maybe he should mention Jesus Christ 100 times and call it a night? :rolleyes:

Hey you didn't have to listen to the speech douchebag. At least Art Monk can speak properly. Emmitt has made himself look like an ass before broadcasting, but this is the cream of the crop. National spotlight with thousands of people watching....he's gonna butcher the english language so bad hooked on phonix will be looking to sponsor him. I can't wait personally, it's gonna be a dark day in Dallas:D

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