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Shout out to Redskin fans at HOF Ceremony


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The Redskin fans at the HOF Ceremony deserve a shout-out in their own thread. I know this is similar to what's been said in other threads, and I hope I don't get NNT'd for this, but I believe that our amazing brothers and sisters represented Redskin Nation so well today, and they deserve their own thread. My heart is filled with pride to be a Redskin fan, and I'm tearing again thinking about how many fans turned out to support Darrell and Art, and about how well they did it. Hopefully someone can capture it in words better than I can, but it was so incredible to hear the loud razzing of Michael Irvin and the thunderous cheers at the mention of sacking Danny White and defeating the Cowboys :dallasuck , the love showed to anyone with any Redskin connection, and of course the incredible outpouring of love for Art Monk. I was crying with pride that I'm a Redskin fan, that these incredible fans represent me and my team. Today, you showed the world how devoted and classy Redskin fans are, and I thank you for doing it so well. That Art Monk ovation is something that will remain in my heart forever.

Hail to the Redskins, Darrell Green, Art Monk, and the Redskin fans!

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:applause: Definitely deserves its own thread!

The outpouring of emotional, even crazed support there today did us all proud. My hat's off to each and every one of ya! This was a historical day for our team and its fans and the representation was beyond belief.

I enjoyed hearing "our" guys mention the fans in their speeches too

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I loved how much they were singing, and then how they sung HTTR during post show. Props to you Skins fans who went. Sorry I couldn't make it, but you all represented!


Congrats Art and Darrell

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I agree and am so proud of my fellow Redskins. I think the entire nation finally got a great demonstration of what we all know but they've been missing out on. Tonight the world saw the passion, class, and love Redskins fans and the Redskins players have with each other. What we are all about was on full display tonight, and I think FINALLY, after a decade negative media coverage, the world can look at that and *get it*. They can see what we are all about here in Washington DC and how we love our Redskins, how we never forget our guys and what they did for us, how much we really do know about the game, and how our players are there for us beyond just football.

It was a reminder to the rest of the world of an era that seems forgotten outside of D.C. when the Redskins were one of the top 2-3 elite teams of the NFL. It was very remeniscant to how RFK rocked, and I can see that positive energy being taken into Fed Ex field this season.

If someone were looking for a favorite team and saw that, I bet the Redskins look pretty apealing to them right about now. ;)

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I've rolled the tape 10 times

Before Arts speach.....during the EPIC 4 minute 16 second Ovation

I heard 3 different chants


"Its About Time"

And something else.......anybody know what?


chants from our section were simply "ART, ART, ART" and "It's about time" Place was rockin out man

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