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Congratulations Redskins Fans On Your Day at Canton (merged)


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I just wanted to take a moment to say congratulations to the Redskins faithful on this great day in your History. Art Monk, Darrell Green and Redskins Nation were represented well today. I may be the fan of a hated rival, but I have never ignored the great History of this game we all love.

In my not so humble opinion, Darrell Green was a no doubt about it, first ballot Hall of Famer and I am so glad he was honored properly. He is one of the finest Cornerbacks I ever saw play and is truly one of the great players in your History. Damn right he belongs there.

It is about time Art Monk is inducted into Canton. That's all I really want to say about him. It is about time.

Darrell Green and Art Monk represented you well today. Just like they did when they wore your colors. They were always class acts, and that has not changed. Your fans celebrated them well today as well.

In the immortal words of Hank Williams Jr...are you ready for some football? Hell yeah I am and I know you are too. Lace 'em and kick it off. Been a long off season and it is finally over.


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Thanks hostile. Days like this shows what the game is all about. The Cowboys Skins rivalry just adds to the fun, the passion, the respect this games deserves.

As much as I hate the Boys, it is only because of the love for the game and players that played it.

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I just watched te little bit of Art Monk speech and I gotta say WOW! Redskins fans are all over the place, unbelivable! tommorows game is gonna be awsome, like a home game! Thank God season is starting even tho its preaseason!

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Thank you Hostile. Very classy of you to do. :) You represent your fellow fans well.

That's one thing I noticed about us and Dallas... it's almost like a sibling rivalry where we love to compete, and love to talk serious trash to each other, but in the end when we're all serious we can respect each other and there's that rivalry love/hate relationship. Only those like us entrenched in this great rivalry and all it's magnificant history with the game can truely understand it. We love the rivalry and when the chips fall down to more serious matters that transcend the game of football, I know we'd stick up for each other and it's like if you're not a Dallas or Washington fan, than you should just keep your trap quiet and not disrespect our rival... that's for us to do. :D Just like my little sister... No body was allowed to pick on her but me, and I did that quite often.

It's really hard to put it into words, but I love our history in this game and the rivarly; it creates a dynamic that's hard to feel if you're not of these teams, and I appreciate your classy post, Hostile. :)

While I'm on this subject I want to thank any Dallas fans looking in for having class and paying tribute to Sean Taylor like so many did on youtube when that sad event occured.

With that said, let the games begin!

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First let me say "Thank You" to Art Monk & Darrell Green and the whole of Redskin Nation. I wanted sooo badly to be in Canton today but it wasn't possible but have been able to see some of the induction presentation and to see the sea of Burgundy & Gold and to have our organization represented by two people who anyone would be proud to have as role models for there children is something special. I have been a Redskin Fan all my life through the good the bad the highs & the lows. What was witnessed today in Canton Ohio is probably a first in the history of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. A "3 minute Standing Ovation" Not only do we have 2 of the best players in NFL history given the respect and honor they deserve but 2 of the best people you would ever want to have represent you in any way, shape or form. The applause rained down when James Arthur Monk stepped to the podium were a long long time coming and oh so well deserved and Darrell Green IMHO one of the BEST CB in NFL history. These gentlemen & and part of the best fanbase in the world stood before the world and represented us and the Redskin organization for all the world to see makes me proud and honored to say I am and always will be a REDSKIN FAN Hail To The Redskins.......

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Good job to all of you that went to the Hall of Fame ceremony! The NFL network announcers were amazed at the number of skins fans in attendance.

Again, Good job!!! and congratulations to Art and Darrell!!!

I think that ceremony and showing will change a lot of mass media opinions about the Redskins.

First, Green thanking Dan Snyder, when the media thinks all of our players hate him. Green's word carries far more clout than anyone elses because Green sat through all of the turbulent years.

Green's speech itself, definitely a highlight in and of itself.

Monk's standing ovation, NICE!

Monk's speech, classy from the get go

Plus with the showing we had where at least 90% of the crowd were REdskins fans, this will change opinions. People knew we had a large fanbase, but they wouldn't have thought it was THAT large! I always knew we were a top 3 fanbase by numbers AND by intensity, and there you have it. Now if only you all can get those stadium whine and cheese'rs to start cheering or give up their tix, that'd be sweet!

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Gotta admit I did get choked up at Art's standing ovation.

He had a good speech as well but Emmitt Thomas's speech was hands down the best.

I am so proud to be a redskins fan today,the people/fans who made the trip to Canton really made the day complete.

Hands down without a doubt the BEST fans in the NFL.

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