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I Am So Excited About Today ............


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I just want to __________________ some(thing) (one) (body).

Fill in the blank with the word that fits, and complete the sentence with either thing, one, or body.


I am so excited about today, I just want to **** somebody.

Your turn!!!

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Rape? Really?

Easily the stupidest ****ing post I've ever seen.

I won't go off like I usually do because I have to run, but please remember that one in four women will experience a sexual assault in her lifetime.

Got a mother? Grandmother? Sister? Girlfriend?

You pick which one and then remember that joking about it means that it's okay.

Anyway, I'm so excited about today that I could high five a Cowboys fan and not use hand sanitizer for thirty seconds afterwards!

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You will be suprised how minor a sexual assault charge can be, and how different it is then "rape"...

A guy in my town got charged with a sexual assault charge for whistling at a 17 year old...Your statistics are going to make some people think that 1 in 4 girls get raped in their lifetime...:doh:

Not sticking up for the guy just making sure people realize that you aren't considering "sexual assault" the same thing as rape...making it seem like it happens alot more then it does...

The legal definition of criminal sexual assault is any genital, oral, or anal penetration by a part of the accused's body or by an object, using force or without the victim's consent.

- American Medical Association. Strategies for the treatment and prevention of sexual assault. Chicago: AMA, 1995

I guess I forgot that rape and sexual assault were COMPLETELY different and that the latter is a-okay, right? Plus your story is complete bull.

In 2005, there were approximately 200,780 sexual assaults. Of these, 64,080 were completed rapes. So if you want a figure that covers only rapes, divide 31,536,000 by 64,080. That comes out to 1 rape ever 492 seconds or 1 rape every 8 minutes.

- Rape Abuse and Incest National Network

Yeah, I mean, one every eight minutes is no big deal, right? :rolleyes:

Please learn your facts before you question me on this subject. I'm out for about a week, but next Friday I'll be happy to pick up this discussion. :cheers:

Sorry Blondie/mods, but some things are just more important than football. I promise that if we continue this conversation, then it will be via PM or in the Tailgate. I just had to make sure that this guy's "facts" weren't regarded as canon.

EDIT: TK, saw your post after I posted this (research takes a minute or two), so please don't think that I directly disregarded what you had to say. You can edit this if you want.

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No offense, Blondie, but this thread lends itself to people using words and language that aren't really appropriate. Maybe I'm missing something, but I just don't know that this is the best way for people to show how excited they are about tonight.

I was thinking about hugging, kissing, and doing all the things we do as SKINS fans.

I think it will be ok......if we can get back on topic.

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I quoted it TK to make sure he KNEW I was offended.

I can't control if others choose to chastise him.

I made my point.

You coulda just said, 'Hey, I'm offended by that & said why you were. ;)

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I see this thread going down hill, and I know I'm at fault. I just want to apologize for my stupid post. For those of you who are familiar with me here on ES, you know that I'm a bit of a joker. But I realize that is a subject that should not be joked about, and would like to apologize to anyone offended.

And for Blondie's original thread:

I'm so excited, I could run through the streets naked with somebody.

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