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I am just beside myself.


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This thread blows. I already know it.

But I'm sitting here, on my first day of vacation, doing laundy and making preparations... and I'm so beside myself with the fact that I'm flying out tomorrow to Canton.

I'm just so happy and blown away, and if I can't tell you guys, than who can I tell? I live across the country now, in Arizona. And Arizona people aren't fans of anyone. They try, but they just aren't. There's just no passion.

I hear people at the newspaper I work at always saying how ridiculous it is to idolize sports-figures.

My life doesn't center around it now, but hell... growing up, it meant EVERYTHING to me! I wrote my first poem on a day you will recognize:

"We already creamed "America's Team" so watch out "Fins" here come the Skins!"

And it was on poster board with so much 9 year old girl-glitter...

I remember my brothers hating me because I brought all my billion stuffed animals down to the TV almost weekly, so they could all "watch the Redskins game", and then I would cut out all the articles from the Washington Post and the Times and the STAR and make scrapbooks for my mom, because I knew she would love them.

And today, I have them. And I love them. And I even have her "cut-outs" from years earlier, like cut-outs of Billy Kilmer.

I'm flying out tomorrow, and I just feel really good about it. Like I had some part of Monk and Green over the years.

Even though I just sat on the other side of the Zenith, they were my heroes, and I'm so very proud.

That's the end of my I-never-start-threads-but-I-don't-care-sucky-thread. I just don't care.

I am so happy.

I'm so happy that I'm on a plane for Canton tomorrow and will be around burgundy and gold again. It's gonna be a great weekend. I will be in Ohio, but I have a feeling, it will be like home.

I am feeling some love, and you just were the victim of it if you made to the end!!!!!

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I wouldn't say this thread is sucky at all. I wish I were going to see those 2 take their rightful places. Enjoy every moment and soak in all of the excitement. Be safe and have fun and remember all of us who wish we were there w/you. Reach out and touch the pinnacle of Redskins greatness if you can. Represent us w/the love that you so easily portrayed in this thread! HTTR!!!

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