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The Onion: Colts vs. Redskins (M.E.T.)


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The Onion Philosophy :laugh:

Sometimes The Onion can take things too far. ;)

The onion has a tendency to sometimes over-generalize, demean groups, individuals, or organizations. The crude comments that The Onion makes are sometimes blunt:doh: (and improper to address), or sometimes it is a load of crap that just shows the author’s own feelings on the subject matter.

Sometimes with their written oversimplification of the story or event the result is a rude feeling about what they write. :doh:

;) Hum, and they don't think they are like the regular media? :laugh:

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I think this was a onion piece written by one of the interns.

It had a few bright spots but mostly...not. They really should have played up Sorgi more, and probably Zorn's drills(rather than the decidedly unfunny "over his head" comment).

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