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Update on my head injury


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Hi everyone. Just dropped by for an update.

During the last month, I've been getting numerous tests on my

brain to find the extent of my injury.

Beyond the typical MRI’s, Cap Scans, and EEG’s, they have a new

test called the QEEG, that is supposed to be the most extensive.

I am now waiting on the latest test results, and still don't know the answers.

All I know is that I was hurt, and knocked unconscious for about 5 minutes,

and practically every physical and mental function has been a struggle ever since.

Soon I’ll begin intense physical and neuro-therapy, several

times a week. This is to stimulate the parts of my brain that were damaged,

using the latest technology, and hope and pray for the best.

Here is a site that explains everything about my therapy.


Among the many tests that have been performed, here is a couple actual photos of my very own brain. Just thought I would include it, since many people here have questioned whether I actually had a brain.....I guess the one thing that I did not lose in my accident, is a little sense of humor. Hope to be back soon.





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