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As soon as I realized he was talking smack about the "Hand Of God" game I bursted out laughing. I showed my co-workers the clip (they are not Redskins fans) and they laughed hard too, saying they both felt all Cowboy fans were just like this young goof.

This kid strikes me as the type who likes stars. He probably likes the Cowboys because they have T.O. and he probably used to follow the 76ers because they had A.I. There's no other way anyone from Dallas would associate themselves with anyone from Philly.

He's young enough to the point that he was probably born during the years that the Triplets were doing their thing. He is a joke and I gain much amusement from his video. I hope he takes his own advice and runs into a knife.

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"This is what I look like when the Cowboys lose."


I just wish we had tape of him watching Romo sits to pee bobble the snap in the playoffs.:laugh:

(BTW--The Vincent block/ST return/Novak FG game was on my 40th birthday...Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet.:cheers: )


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