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a little to open ended Q don't ya think ...???

how about, what are some good position battles, or who will start at CB?

Here is another open ended question: What is your favorite pizza and who makes the best of it?:silly:

Sorry couldn't resist.

Depth chart is what you need to be looking at first.

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DE: Carter

DT: Griffin

DT: Golston

DE: Taylor

LB: McIntosh

LB: Fletcher

LB: Washington

CB: Springs

FS: Landry

SS: Doughty

CB: Smoot

Agreed. There are really only 2 battles to be won. The DE position and the safety position. Golston and Doughty should win these.

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So if Rocky and Blades come back from their injuries slowly, who would start against NYG in week one?

Khary Campbell? Matt Sinclair?

I guess if there was a threat of neither Blades or Rocky being ready we'd sign someone, but it kinda seems like we're leaving an insecure position rather slim.

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Golston's improved. If Montgomery's slow in healing from that injury, his starting spot could be in trouble. A healthy Rogers edges Smoot because, last year, Rogers didn't really do anything to play himself out of the position except for tear his ACL. I make an argument that, if Rogers had been healthy, he might have had a career year.

However, at the end of the day, I think that the Golston/Montgomery battle as well as the Smoot/Rogers battle are a case of exchangeable parts. I don't mind Golston or Montgomery starting because both of them are extremely solid players. And I doubt Rogers gets exposed much on the deep ball next year because Landry can do what he does well, close and knock the ball out...or knock the receiver out, for that matter. :hammer: Rogers doesn't pick off a whole lot of balls, but he played well for us last year until he got hurt. And then after he got hurt, Smoot played well, too. I think where we're going to have to find out where one guy is better than the other is at the dime position. Is it going to be the faster, more experienced, Torrence, or the confident rookie, Tryon?

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