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Your dream FORMATION for the '08-'09 season?


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I find myself imagining various game situations and formation shifts that may occur in the coming season, and certain ones excite me more than others. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Offense: Red Zone (actually, 10-yard-line) offense

O-Line: Samuels, Kendall, Rabach, Thomas, Jansen

TE: Cooley, Davis

QB: Campbell

WR: Kelly, ARE

RB: Portis

will it be Kelly on a fade route (because we can do that now!)? will it be shifty Antwaan back in his natural slot position? are the tight ends blocking or running routes?(perhaps DELAYED routes!?!) and what CAN'T Portis do?

the possibilities are endless.

Defense: 3rd and Long (or obvious passing situations)

D-Line: J Taylor, Montgomery, Griffin, Carter, C Wilson

LB: Fletcher

CB: Springs, Carlos, Smoot

S: Landry, Schweigert

that's right- it's a 5-man line. with Taylor, Carter and Wilson ALL coming after the QB, he'll have to dump it off QUICK. but he can't! why not? because all 3 corners are playing press man; the receivers are all tied up! hell, maybe one of the corners whiffs and a receiver gets free... well free is an overstatement with (sideline-to-sideline) Landry and (pure ballhawk) Schweigert back there! in the case of a dangerous-looking TE on the field, have one of the three DEs drop back to cover them... but WHICH ONE?! Fletcher can take care of any unforeseen offensive trickery.

a pick or sack is pretty much guaranteed.

So what are YOUR dream formations/situations/plays for the upcoming season?

(who'll be the first to suggest the A-11 offense with JC&ARE?) ;)

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my dream formation for the offense is the A-11 formation

for those who don't know of the A-11 offense: http://www.a11offense.com/

holy crap I feel like a complete tool. I didn't read the first post, so I just read it after I finished writing this. LOL wow, you cleary said who will suggest the A-11 offense I was writing about it like no one ever heard about it before haha I'm such a moron. I feel like a total tool.:silly: :doh:

On a more serious note, I'm sure this season no one wants to see double-tight 2 fullbacks 1 wr at the edge of the opponents 30 yard line.:mad: :doh:

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hook, line and sinker!!! just kidding- i've been thinking about the A-11 offense for years, especially for teams with scrambling QBs they're not too confident with. i was blown away when a team actually IMPLEMENTED it and gave it a name this year.

my roommate was a big Matt Schaub fan, and i forget if Schaub actually ever went to the Falcons, but when it was being suggested that he might, i came up with the idea of the Schaub-Vick 2QB set. Schaub (or substitute any pocket passer) is the actual QB, and the 2nd QB (a scrambler) would be lined up behind and to the side of the actual QB. all sorts of shenanigans could follow.

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I hope the o-linemen get to call gut numerous times in a row like back in the day

I don't. I'm all for a Gibbs-style running game when it's 1983 and you have the Hogs and John Riggins. Not when you have a slasher like Clinton Portis who is best out in space.

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i really like the idea of the A-11 formation. My County team used it when i played and the defense really had no idea how to defend it.

Your county team wasn't playing an NFL defense. Even if Campbell had time to get the ball off, he'd get shellacked on every play.

Edit: To answer the OP, I think it would be neat to see a formation where we have Portis/Betts, Cooley, and Randle El in the backfield every once in a while. Motion anybody you want into the slot and they can all be effective there. Not an every down thing, but I think it would be cool to see as a change of pace.

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The A-11 Offense will NOT work in the NFL. Nor is it even legal in the NFL.

Plus, an NFL defense would eat guys alive.

Stupid formation. I've seen it used while I've coached by my own team and I hated it with the strongest passion you could ever hate an offense. Since I was an assistant I couldn't veto its use.

But after it was used, its safe to say the high school I coach at will NEVER use it again. Ever.

Waste of time/energy.

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I'm not arguing that it wouldn't work in the pros but exactly how is it illegal?

It's only legal in high school because it's technically a special teams formation. (One QB is essentially the "kicker".)

In the NFL, you can't line a player up as the kicker/punter unless it's a reasonable kick/punt situation.

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So what are YOUR dream formations/situations/plays for the upcoming season?



I would love to see us use the below formation some:

B/C the TEs are on the line of scrimmage the WR line up off the line giving them an easier release b/c its harder to press them

m_0b23f1d77e4e3f0ecc007cc18553318a.jpg Moss, Cooley, Portis, Davis, ARE/ Switch personnel based on situation i.e. on the goaline- Kelly/Moss at X/Z, Sellars(?) in the backfield

I was one of the people that liked Gregg W's Cover 1/3 packages and hope that Greg Blache doesn't abondon it: The below is one the incarnations





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Defense - 3rd Down:

From SDE to WDE: Carter, Griffin, Montgomery, Wilson

From SLB to WLB: Washington, Fletcher, J. Taylor

Secondary: Springs, Doughty, Landry, Rogers/Smoot

Bring Landry up a couple of feet just to make the quarterback think about it, then bring either JT or Washington on the blitz.


Offense - Goal Line.

Offensive Line - please don't make me type their names out.

QB - preferably Jason Campbell, but anyone that can sell a good pump fake.

Basically, it's a single back formation Trips right - 3 receivers to the right. One or two of them should be guys that could potentially create mismatches in the red zone, so Malcolm Kelly would be a great guy to have in at this situation. One guy on the left as a TE. You could put Cooley there, but I'd want a big body and a good blocker, so I would prefer either Sellers or even bringing in Lorenzo Alexander as a tackle-eligible. Portis in the backfield, QB under center.

Snap, immediately pump fake right - with the ball in your left hand. From here, drop and delayed handoff to the back who runs left and around the corner. For this play to work, both Samuels and that extra blocked MUST seal off the left side. This move normally works in really short yardage when a team's stacking the line.

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