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The funniest Cowboys Suck video I've ever seen.


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Wassup fellow true believers of the Burgundy and Gold. I haven't done a thread in a long time and I know this is supposed to be someplace else but I thought this was the funniest Cowboys Suck video i've ever seen. If this thread has already been posted, my apologies to the mods in advance but I just had to share it.

Hail to the Skins


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It's not the funniest, but it was good. I can watch Homo throw that INT all day.

Haha me too. Was his reciever even open at all when he threw the ball? lol throwing into double coverage never usually a good idea. I think he was trying to imitate steve young to T.O. when he was with the 49ers.

Great video :applause:

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we need someone to do a cowboys equivalent to "This is why you suck", that song hating on duke. because that thing is classic.

Haha that would be so awesome. "And don't try to make yourself feel better by saying we're hating on you cause you're that good. You're just that ****ing lame."

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Yeah, J. Jone out of the end of it.

But that was priceless

They also should have left out the part where he runs around looking for someone to hand it off to. It would have all gone together way better without that and having him drop pack and throwing a pick was good enough haha.

Brunell and Moss would have won them that game :)


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