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Decorating my basement - Skins paint Recommendations?

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The wife has kicked me out of my own Living Room for the upcoming season. Seems I curse and yell too much, so I have to watch my team in the basement. I have the plasma and HD all set to go but I have to really get a great Skins atmosphere down there.

I have a small bar with shelves behind it that hold a few helmets, a Skins logo poster and some 8x10 autographs. But I need to paint...

I considered doing it in all burgandy with a gold stripe but I have painted with Red before and it took 5 coats to get to the shade we needed. I could go with a shade of gold and a burgandy stripe...

Any recommendations? Has anyone painted with a particular Burgandy and only had to do one - two coats?

Also - any other ideas?

Here is my shelving behind the bar and the autographs... these are over a year old and I have expanded both.



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The team color paints from the Home Depot should cover in 2 coats .

My family room and son's bedroom are Redskin theme in these colors .

Ideas for you , My family room is done with 2 walls burgundy and 2 walls in the gold with a white ceiling . Flooring is a light colored oak Mohawk laminate with 2 5'x8' Redskins rugs .

My son's room i did second and i painted the bottom half of the walls burgundy and the top half gold separating that with a Redskins wall paper border that i found on-line at wallcoverings or wallpaper .com or something like that , again a white ceiling . Both look awsome with the Redskins stuff that we have collected over the years .

Good luck with your new Redskins room :cool:

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I have a similar situation myself.

My question is what kind of scheme should I go with? I'm undecided as to how I want it to look. I have maybe 12 jersey's, 9 autographed photos, a few professional art pieces (skins related) and tons other paraphernalia. Can some one post some pictures of their digs so I could have something to draw ideas from?

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Now see that's what I'm talking about TLC!!! So you hired a crew to do that huh?

I would ask how much but I just paid a crew to replace my fence.

***Note to self: When the wife opts for the white vinyl fencing over the regular wooden planked fencing RUN!!! Set me back about as much as a used sub compact!!!

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TLC - you win, bro. That is by far the coolest Skins room I have ever seen. I dont the skill or patience to do that but thanks for the info!

The Taylor Tribute is sweet. Nice touch.

Did anyone ever see the Ohio State Fan who turned his basement into the horseshoe?

I would love to do this with but with FedEX... I even took pictures of every aspect of the field last year, just in case... but again, I have neither the skill or patience.

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