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Warner Bros Changes Movie Poster Promoting Peace -- this is not a Joke


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I repeat: this is not a joke.

Warner Bros. eliminates peace image from ads

April 01, 2003

"What a Girl Wants" is to avoid making a political statement. Print advertisements for the teen comedy originally featured a photograph of star Amanda Bynes wearing an American flag T-shirt and flashing the peace sign with her fingers as she stands between two British royal guards. With the war in Iraq sparking anti-war protests in the United States and abroad, however, Warner Bros. quickly changed the ad. The studio said Monday it feared the peace sign would be viewed as a political message. New versions of the image feature Bynes with her right hand at her side, although many of the original posters had already been placed on billboards and buses before the change was made. In the film, Bynes plays an American girl who discovers her estranged father is a British politician. "What a Girl Wants" is set for release on Friday.

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